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And Dream Of Sheep Live Act Two%5D By Kate Bush

Song meaning of And Dream of Sheep (Live) [Act Two] by Kate Bush

Kate Bush


Song meaning for And Dream of Sheep (Live) [Act Two] by Kate Bush

"And Dream of Sheep (Live) [Act Two]" by Kate Bush is a hauntingly beautiful song about a person lost at sea, desperately waiting to be rescued. The lyrics describe the protagonist's longing for a guiding light to lead them to safety, and their fear of being mistaken for a buoy by passing ships. The chorus expresses the protagonist's desire to be weak and sleep, to escape the harsh reality of their situation and dream of sheep. The second verse describes the protagonist's struggle to stay awake and alert, wishing for the comfort of a radio to keep them company. The outro paints a surreal picture of the protagonist being rescued by warm, comforting figures who take them deeper into a dreamlike state. Overall, the song is a poignant exploration of isolation, vulnerability, and the power of imagination to provide solace in difficult times.

Funny song meaning for And Dream of Sheep (Live) [Act Two] by Kate Bush

Oh, Kate Bush, you poetic genius, you. "And Dream of Sheep" is a song that clearly depicts the struggles of insomnia and the search for inner peace. But let’s be real, who doesn't dream of sheep that are capable of taking them "deeper and deeper" into a peaceful sleep? In this song, Kate is looking for a way to escape her restless mind. She's like that annoying friend who always needs someone to soothe her with sweet nothings and in this case, sheep. Maybe she should have tried counting sheep instead of dreaming of them - that would have saved a lot of time and effort. Regardless, we're all hoping that Kate finds the slumber she so desperately needs or she’ll have to take a leaf from the sleepless world of the Count of Monte Cristo.

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