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Song meaning of Gilgamesh by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

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Song meaning for Gilgamesh by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

The song "Gilgamesh" by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is a captivating and enigmatic track that delves into the epic tale of the ancient Mesopotamian king, Gilgamesh. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Gilgamesh's journey, his struggles, and his quest for immortality.

The refrain, repeating the name "Gilgamesh," serves as a powerful invocation, emphasizing the central theme of the song. It highlights the significance of Gilgamesh as a legendary figure and sets the tone for the narrative that unfolds throughout the song.

In the first verse, lead vocalist Ambrose Kenny-Smith describes Gilgamesh's fiery temper and his constant battles, both physical and metaphorical. He is depicted as a warrior, fighting feuds to gain fame and recognition. However, despite his strength and prowess, Gilgamesh finds himself vulnerable and unable to protect his wolf-pack from the sun-god Shamash's combat.

The second verse, sung by Stu Mackenzie and Kenny-Smith, introduces a series of vivid and symbolic images. The "five visions of biblical downpour" represent intense and transformative experiences. The fire-breathing warblers and the prayer for shelter evoke a sense of chaos and the need for refuge amidst the turmoil.

Moving into the third verse, Mackenzie takes the lead and explores the cosmic and metaphysical aspects of Gilgamesh's journey. He describes Gilgamesh as a "glorious photon," an invisible traveler of light and energy. The mention of galaxies zooming past and the question of how long the journey must continue alludes to the vastness of the universe and the eternal quest for meaning and purpose.

Verse four, shared by Mackenzie and Kenny-Smith, portrays Gilgamesh's struggle in desolate swamplands. The lion skins wearing thin symbolize his vulnerability and the passing scorpions represent the challenges he faces. The key to immortality becomes a central motif, suggesting Gilgamesh's desire to transcend mortality and achieve eternal life.

In verse five, Mackenzie takes the lead again, describing Gilgamesh's transformative experiences. He speaks of consuming dirt and stone, symbolizing his connection to the earth and his willingness to endure hardships. Swallowing sins, crossing floods, and living dreams allude to the trials and triumphs of Gilgamesh's journey.

The final verse, sung by Mackenzie, brings the song to a cosmic conclusion. He describes Gilgamesh as a "great and ancient light" traveling through infinite distances. The mention of space as an unbroken chain and the plea for his name to be heard further emphasize the timeless and universal nature of Gilgamesh's story.

Overall, "Gilgamesh" by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is a mesmerizing exploration of the ancient king's mythic journey, combining elements of epic storytelling with cosmic and metaphysical themes. The lyrics invite listeners to reflect on the human quest for meaning, immortality, and the enduring power of legendary figures throughout history.

Funny song meaning for Gilgamesh by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Ah, "Gilgamesh" by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Quite the epic tale, isn't it? Let's see if I can unravel this lyrical labyrinth for you. It seems our protagonist, Gilgamesh, has a fiery temper and finds himself in quite the pickle, stranded in a deadly blender. I mean, who hasn't been there, am I right? He's a weeping human clay, tangling with a pale death-threat sender, and boy, does he need some karate classes to teach him a lesson in self-defense. But fear not, for Gilgamesh aims to disembowel his enemies, turning the heavens dark with his rage. Now, my friends, prepare for some biblical downpour and torn rags—yes, we're going to need a lot of detergent to clean up this mess. And let's not forget the fire-breathing warblers perched on fallen things, because why not? It's just another day in the life of Gilgamesh, the dramatic warrior who prays for shelter from peeks (here's hoping he doesn't get caught peeping, that's a whole different song altogether). Our hero, a glorious photon, yes, you heard it right, a photon, is on a journey of light and energy, zooming past galaxies faster than you can say "Gilgamesh!" He's the epitome of magnificence, emitting a glow that puts your average glowstick to shame. But alas, even Gilgamesh faces challenges. Bone-dried swamplands swallow him, and his lion skins aren't really keeping him warm anymore. Cue the passing scorpions, guarding his every step with their tiny venom-filled hearts, because nothing says "misery" like wandering wild with passing misery, now does it? The key to immortality—ah yes, every hero's dream. But what do we have here? A house of dust, a land of bone, and Gilgamesh munching on dirt and drinking stone. Is he on a budget or does he need a better meal planner? Nevertheless, he swims floods, cleanses sins (shoutout to Gilgamesh, the ultimate personal life coach), and flies on thirteen winds. Gemstone trees and scorpions? Gilgamesh did it all, fulfilling his wildest dreams. But wait! Don't celebrate just yet, my friends, for now Gilgamesh sees man's folly. He killed the bull, he crossed the sea, and he's just asking the snake to punish him. You know, standard Monday stuff. And finally, we have the great and ancient light, infinite distance, leaving its birthplace to go on adventures. Gilgamesh, the ultimate cosmic explorer, spinning galaxies and experiencing sights unseen. Space is an unbroken chain, much like my obsession with Gilgamesh. So, let us all join together and chant, "Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh!" It's like a primal scream therapy session, but with an ancient warrior twist.

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