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Don T Cry By Kirk Franklin Ft Richard Smallwood

Song meaning of Don't Cry by Kirk Franklin (Ft. Richard Smallwood)

Kirk Franklin


Song meaning for Don't Cry by Kirk Franklin (Ft. Richard Smallwood)

In the song "Don't Cry" by Kirk Franklin featuring Richard Smallwood, the lyrics convey a powerful message of hope and reassurance in the face of sorrow and despair. The repeated refrain of "Why do you cry? He has risen, Why are you weeping? He's not dead" serves as a reminder of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life. This line draws a parallel between the listener's tears and the mourning of Jesus' disciples after his crucifixion, only to be replaced with joy upon realizing his resurrection.

The lyrics also highlight the sacrifice and redemption found in Jesus' death on the cross, with lines like "He paid it all on that lonely highway" and "He shed His blood for my transgressions." These phrases emphasize the belief in Jesus as the ultimate savior who bore the sins of humanity, offering forgiveness and healing through his sacrifice. The mention of "His anointing I can feel" and "by His stripes we are healed" further emphasize the spiritual and emotional impact of Jesus' sacrifice on the listener.

The song encourages listeners to find strength and comfort in their faith, urging them to "lift up your head" and not to worry as they navigate life's challenges. The repetition of "Don't cry, Wipe your eyes, He's not dead" serves as a comforting reassurance that Jesus is alive and present, offering solace and peace in times of distress. The use of the name "Je-hovah" in the lyrics also reinforces the divine presence and power of God in providing comfort and protection to those who believe.

Overall, "Don't Cry" by Kirk Franklin is a poignant and uplifting song that conveys a message of faith, redemption, and hope in the face of adversity. The lyrics remind listeners of the enduring power of Jesus' resurrection and the promise of eternal life, encouraging them to find solace and strength in their faith during times of sorrow and uncertainty.

Funny song meaning for Don't Cry by Kirk Franklin (Ft. Richard Smallwood)

Oh, honey, let me break it down for you! "Don't Cry" by Kirk Franklin is basically a catchy gospel tune reminding you that Jesus is alive and kicking, so stop with the waterworks! Jesus didn't pull off the ultimate mic drop by rising from the dead just for you to ugly cry in the corner. He paved the way for your sorry behind to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start living your best life. So wipe those tears, fix that mascara, and remember, Jesus didn't die for your sins just so you could drown in your own dramatic sob fest. In the words of Kirk Franklin, "Oh don't cry, wipe your eyes, he's not dead!" Amen, hallelujah, and pass the tissues!

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