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Song meaning of Cento messaggi by Lazza



Song meaning for Cento messaggi by Lazza

"Cento messaggi" by Lazza is a deeply introspective song that explores the aftermath of a failed relationship and the personal transformation that comes with it. The lyrics paint a picture of a tumultuous love story filled with lies, betrayal, and a sense of lost identity.

In the first verse, Lazza expresses the difficulty of believing the pain inflicted by his partner, stating, "Ti prego, non cominciare, Sai che per me è già difficile credere a quanto mi facevi male" (Please, don't start, you know it's already hard for me to believe how much you hurt me). Despite the hardships, Lazza admits that he would have done anything for this person, even climbing Mount Everest barehanded, showcasing his willingness to endure physical and emotional challenges for love.

The lyrics also highlight the toxic nature of the relationship, with Lazza acknowledging that he believed his partner's lies, even though he knew they were false: "Quando menti, io ti credo" (When you lie, I believe you). Lazza reflects on the countless things about himself that his partner couldn't tolerate, making it feel like trying to grasp the wind with his hands: "Parlare con te è come cercare di afferrare il vento con le mani."

The chorus, "Scordati che mi conosci, ora è tardi anche se piangi, È inutile che mi angosci, mi mandi cento messaggi" (Forget that you know me, it's too late even if you cry, It's useless to distress me, sending me a hundred messages), reveals Lazza's decision to detach himself from the relationship. He admits that he has become everything he used to despise, but assures that he doesn't like the person he has become.

In the second verse, Lazza reflects on the sadness he felt when thinking about the relationship, emphasizing that even the date of their anniversary was missing. He also expresses his frustration with being seen as just a financial provider, stating, "Ti darei da bere il sangue perché è tutto ciò che adesso mi è rimasto" (I would give you blood to drink because it's all I have left now). Lazza acknowledges the difficulty of accepting the finality of the breakup, saying, "Credimi, sembra impossibile accettare che oramai ti ho detto 'ciao'" (Believe me, it seems impossible to accept that I've said goodbye to you).

The song concludes with Lazza acknowledging the personal growth that has occurred since the relationship ended, stating, "Siamo diventati grandi, anche se ho dieci orologi, non recupererò gli anni" (We have grown up, even though I have ten watches, I won't recover the years). He apologizes for not returning, expressing his regret for the war they fought without knowing how to make peace.

Overall, "Cento messaggi" delves into the emotional aftermath of a failed relationship, exploring themes of self-discovery, personal transformation, and the pain of letting go. Lazza's introspective lyrics and emotional delivery make this song a poignant reflection on the complexities of love and its impact on one's identity.

Funny song meaning for Cento messaggi by Lazza

Ah, "Cento messaggi" by Lazza, huh? Well, let me break it down for you with my hilarious interpretation. So, Lazza is begging this person not to start with their drama because it's already tough enough for him to believe how much they hurt him. But hey, if they had just asked, Lazza would have climbed Mount Everest with his bare hands, even though he hates the cold and suffers from vertigo! That's dedication, people. And get this, when this person lies to Lazza, he actually believes them! Talk about gullible. Lazza knows there are like a thousand things about him that this person can't stand, but talking to them is like trying to catch the wind with your bare hands. Talk about a futile endeavor, am I right? And when Lazza had a problem, this person told him to go talk to an expert. Wow, what a helpful advice. Lazza watched everything crumble like it was 9/11, but hey, keep those lies coming, right? Then they were in a mess, not even feeling at home, just a thousand issues and problems. Lazza compares their situation to Davide and Golia, where he's Golia and this person is trying to kill him. You know what? Lazza was actually gonna let them do it because he was out of his mind. And then they ask, "When you're lost, what's the point of celebrating?" Good question, Lazza, good question. As if things couldn't get worse, Lazza now smokes those "flowers of evil" and he feels helpless, like a worm at the bottom of a mezcal bottle. Moving on to the second verse, Lazza gets all nostalgic about the good ol' times when they lacked everything, even the date of their anniversary. People even thought Lazza was taken just because he was financing everything. Talk about being used, am I right? Lazza would give them a taste of their own medicine, but all that's left is their blood, and that's just messy. They need to accept that Lazza said goodbye to them. Now Lazza lives in this two-room apartment that feels like a penthouse without the fancy lights. Ooh, how luxurious. Lazza admits they're not sentimental at all. Sometimes this person would open the door and Lazza wouldn't even notice them coming in. I mean, talk about paying attention, Lazza! Lazza wanted them so bad, but they were like complete opposites, just like the poles of the Earth. Being together is all about solving problems, but Lazza doesn't have any of his own, so what's the point? Lazza is so confused about their identity, it's annoying. This world, designed for humans, makes them feel like they're being punished. So, there you have it, Lazza's dramatic saga in "Cento messaggi." Quite the roller coaster, huh?

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