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Song meaning of Want so BAD by LEE KNOW & HAN



Song meaning for Want so BAD by LEE KNOW & HAN

"Want so BAD" by LEE KNOW & HAN is a captivating song that delves into the complexities of love and desire. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who unexpectedly falls in love and finds themselves unable to let go. The song explores the roller coaster of emotions that come with being infatuated with someone.

In the first verse, Lee Know expresses how he suddenly falls in love and finds it sweet. However, he also feels frustrated as he can't seem to grasp the person's attention. This sets the stage for the intense emotions that follow.

The pre-chorus sung by Han and Lee Know highlights the internal struggle and constant thoughts that consume their minds. It's described as a big issue that keeps them awake at night. Despite the challenges, they find themselves drawn to this person every day, comparing it to a beautiful spring that makes their hearts flutter secretly.

The chorus emphasizes the transformative power of love. The pink background and chroma key symbolize a change in perspective, as everything becomes different when love is involved. It acknowledges the predictable nature of romance but also acknowledges the deep connection that makes them want to fall in love all over again.

The post-chorus reflects the conflicting emotions that arise despite feeling like they have seen it all. The metaphor of ice represents the barriers and uncertainties that still exist, even when they feel like they know everything. It acknowledges the unfamiliarity and pain that comes with wanting something so intensely.

In the second verse, Han compares their love story to an unpredictable drama without previews. It's a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, but they want to be close and share every moment together. However, they also acknowledge the risks and the potential for it all to end if they make a mistake. Despite the uncertainties, they are determined to start this journey and embrace the love that surrounds them.

The bridge reveals that from the moment they first met, they knew it was destined to be. The battles and conflicts that come with love are deemed meaningless and a waste of time. It's clear that the person they desire is the one they have been waiting for all along.

The chorus and post-chorus are repeated, emphasizing the transformative power of love and the pain that comes with wanting it so badly. The lyrics capture the longing and the desire to hold onto this love, even though it may bring both joy and pain.

Overall, "Want so BAD" is a song that beautifully captures the complexities of love and desire. It explores the intense emotions and struggles that come with falling deeply for someone, highlighting the transformative power of love and the pain that can accompany it.

Funny song meaning for Want so BAD by LEE KNOW & HAN

Ah, the heartfelt ballad of "Want so BAD" by LEE KNOW & HAN. Let's dive right into this romantic rollercoaster, shall we? Lee Know starts off by saying he suddenly falls in love and finds it "so sweet." Oh, how nice! But then he wonders why nothing seems to be going right for him. Well, my dear, maybe it's because you have too many thoughts in that head of yours, disrupting your beauty sleep. And Han, oh Han, he compares this love affair to a drama without a trailer, a rollercoaster that goes up and down, and a game of push and pull. Looks like these boys need a GPS for their emotions! But fear not, because amidst the chaos, they find themselves deeply falling in love over and over again, like a broken record on a pink background. Ah, the magic of romance! Despite the icy obstacles they face, they insist on wanting it "so bad." Oh, the agony! But hey, who am I to judge? If these boys want to suffer for love, then let them suffer in style with their chroma key and rose-colored backgrounds. Love can truly be a confusing and painful endeavor, but as they say, "I know it's pain, but I really want it so bad." So, my dear Lee Know & Han, enjoy the drama, the rollercoaster, and the repeated heartbreaks, because love really does make us do the craziest things!

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