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Madskeenlaced By Lightskeen Baby Ft Madman Stan Mr Laced

Song meaning of MadSkeenLaced by Lightskeen Baby (Ft. MADMAN STAN & Mr. Laced)

Lightskeen Baby


Song meaning for MadSkeenLaced by Lightskeen Baby (Ft. MADMAN STAN & Mr. Laced)

The song "MadSkeenLaced" by Lightskeen Baby (Ft. MADMAN STAN & Mr. Laced) is a high-energy rap track that showcases the artists' confidence and prowess. In the first verse, Lightskeen Baby raps about his independent lifestyle and the money that keeps coming in. He also warns others not to mess with him, as he is not one to back down from a fight. Madman Stan takes over in the second verse, boasting about his skills and talent, emphasizing that he is a force to be reckoned with. Mr. Laced joins in the third verse, asserting his dominance and loyalty to his crew. The lyrics are filled with references to street life and the artists' determination to succeed. Overall, "MadSkeenLaced" is a bold and assertive anthem that showcases the artists' confidence and skill in the rap game.

Funny song meaning for MadSkeenLaced by Lightskeen Baby (Ft. MADMAN STAN & Mr. Laced)

Ah, "MadSkeenLaced" by Lightskeen Baby, featuring MADMAN STAN and Mr. Laced. This song is like a wild ride through a world where every baby is exempt from everything. Seems like Lightskeen Baby is mesmerized by independent babies, who apparently receive weekly payments and are transported to the rooftop with the help of a gang. I mean, who needs to write lyrics when you can freestyle and let the goosebumps on your skin do the talking, right? But hold your horses, because Lightskeen Baby warns us not to mess with him because he's not really into boxing, he's more into trying out some tasty dishes before jumping into a fight. And hey, don't worry, if you resist, there's plenty of stuff lying around for him to pick up and use against you. Then comes Madman Stan, claiming he's slightly bruised on the left side but unafraid of heights, and his cool artwork might not be your cup of tea if you're colorblind. And how can we forget Mr. Laced, who always carries around a Glock like it's just a casual accessory, and he's always being watched because he's just that important. So, if you disrespect him, get ready for a lesson you won't forget anytime soon. And in case you haven't noticed, these guys rep their gangs and love to keep things dumb and forbidden. It's a wild mix of babies, rooftops, boxing, and gang rep. Talk about being mad, skeen, and laced all at once!

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