3rd Degree By Logic

Song meaning of 3rD Degree by Logic



Song meaning for 3rD Degree by Logic

"3rD Degree" by Logic is a boastful and confident rap song that showcases the artist's lyrical prowess and ability to murder the mainstream. The lyrics are filled with metaphors and wordplay, emphasizing the artist's sharpness and elevated level of skill. Logic also addresses stereotypes about white rappers and asserts his dominance in the rap game. The outro emphasizes the importance of having a winning mentality and being the best in order to succeed in the industry. Overall, "3rD Degree" is a powerful and energetic track that showcases Logic's talent and confidence.

Funny song meaning for 3rD Degree by Logic

Ah, Logic, the master of lyrical murder. In "3rD Degree," he starts off with a mix of arrogance and bewilderment, wondering how he drew in such a huge crowd of people who like nothing. But then Logic decides to give them what they came for - a murderous verse that leaves listeners sharper than a double-bladed sword. He boasts about his ability to elevate minds before they even hit the green, single-handedly murdering the mainstream. And don't worry, he doesn't charge by the night, he charges by the bars. He's a rebel with a cause and has the game by the balls. Logic's flow is ahead of its time, with a young mentality and old-timer wisdom. And if anyone doubts his ability to rap because of his skin color, he'll hit them with so much fire they'll pause like a comma. Logic is lyrically exquisite, leaving his competitors defeated. And if they still don't see how great he is, well, they can just eat it. That's just Logic's way of saying he's the best. And if you don't have that mentality, then why are they even listening to you? Feel him?

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