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Song meaning of The Last One by Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters


Song meaning for The Last One by Maisie Peters

"The Last One" by Maisie Peters is a heartfelt and supportive anthem that explores the idea of being there for someone through thick and thin, even when others have given up on them. The song begins with vivid imagery of a person who shines brightly but is also prone to making mistakes. The narrator, represented as the last one in their corner, tries to catch this person as they fall and face the consequences of their actions. Despite the challenges, the narrator remains unwavering in their support, even finding beauty in the person's flaws.

The chorus emphasizes the narrator's commitment to being the last one standing by their side. They express their willingness to hold their hands up and be there for them, even when the crowd has dispersed. The post-chorus cleverly references Syd Barrett, the former member of Pink Floyd known for his eccentricity and struggles with mental health. The narrator compares themselves to the girl on the train tracks, symbolizing their unwavering loyalty and dedication to the person they care about, even in the face of potential danger.

The second verse delves deeper into the person's character, describing them as a dreamer in a parka who stands out from the crowd. The narrator acknowledges their flaws and the company they keep, but still chooses to find and support them. The bridge paints a picture of a chaotic and uncertain world, where floodlights blow and the sky fills with smoke. Despite this, the person remains on their own, and the narrator remains the last to leave, highlighting their unwavering commitment.

The song concludes with a powerful repetition of the chorus and post-chorus, emphasizing the narrator's unwavering belief in the person's potential. They acknowledge that others may not understand or appreciate the person's dreams and aspirations, but they will always be their number one fan. The song ends with the affirmation that even after the crowd has gone, the narrator will still be there, the last one standing by their side. "The Last One" is a touching and uplifting song that celebrates loyalty, support, and unwavering belief in someone's dreams, no matter the circumstances.

Funny song meaning for The Last One by Maisie Peters

Ah, Maisie Peters, the self-proclaimed last one in your corner. Let's dissect her song "The Last One," shall we? In this little ditty, she's got her arms out trying to catch someone falling through the ceiling with their wax wings. I mean, talk about a health and safety hazard. But hey, love makes us do crazy things, right? She's even willing to be the last one in their corner after the count's done, and hold her hands up on the bleachers all alone once the crowd is gone. Talk about commitment to losing, Maisie. But wait, it gets better! She compares herself to the girl on the train tracks holding the hand of the Syd Barrett of the band, halfway to the moon on a plane they couldn't land. Sounds like a doomed adventure, my friend. But fear not, because Maisie believes in this guy so much, she claims to be his number one fan. I guess after the crowd's gone, she'll just be left with a broken heart and an obsession for men who can't fly planes. Go get 'em, Maisie!

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