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Murderside By Mazza L20 Ft Pistol P0

Song meaning of Murderside by Mazza L20 (Ft. Pistol. P0)

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Song meaning for Murderside by Mazza L20 (Ft. Pistol. P0)

"Murderside" by Mazza L20 (Ft. Pistol. P0) is a gritty and intense track that delves into the realities of street life and the harsh environment of Merseyside, a region in the United Kingdom known for its tough reputation. The song's chorus sets the tone, emphasizing the importance of being armed and ready to defend oneself in a dangerous environment. The lyrics suggest that in this place, conflicts are resolved through violence, and individuals must rely on their weapons ("burner") to protect themselves.

In the first verse, Mazza L20 reflects on the harsh realities of the streets, mentioning a friend named Flock who is serving a long prison sentence. The lyrics imply that Flock was not adequately prepared for the violence that comes with street life, as he was not ready to use his gun when necessary. Mazza L20 also expresses a willingness to engage in violence when needed, highlighting the idea that in this environment, individuals must be ready to take action and let the "worker drive" when it's time to confront enemies.

The lyrics also touch upon the desire for revenge and the need to eliminate those who have betrayed or testified against them. Mazza L20 refers to rats and degenerates, suggesting a disdain for those who cooperate with the authorities or betray their own. The line about getting rid of rats like pesticides further emphasizes the desire to cleanse their environment of those who are seen as threats.

In the second verse, Pistol. P0 joins Mazza L20, and they continue to discuss their experiences in the streets. They mention specific locations like Bootle and Merseyside, indicating their familiarity with the area and their involvement in its street culture. The lyrics also reference individuals who have been incarcerated, suggesting a connection to the criminal justice system and a reputation for their actions.

Overall, "Murderside" provides a glimpse into the harsh realities of life in Merseyside, where violence and street culture dominate. The song's lyrics convey a sense of pride in their reputation and a willingness to resort to violence to protect themselves and their honor. It serves as a reflection of the struggles and challenges faced by individuals living in these environments, where survival often depends on being "certified" and ready to defend oneself at any moment.

Funny song meaning for Murderside by Mazza L20 (Ft. Pistol. P0)

Ah, "Murderside" by Mazza L20 ft. Pistol P0, a truly captivating lyrical masterpiece that takes us on a wild ride through the mean streets of Merseyside. Mazza L20 starts off strong, emphasizing the importance of letting your burner cry if you've got beef. Because, you know, in the world of street cred, emotional firearms are the way to go. And apparently, asking someone where they're from and hearing them say "Merseyside" automatically makes them not a Scouser. I mean, who knew regional identity was such a dividing factor? But wait, there's more! Mazza L20 refuses to rely on mere ticks and certificates to prove his existence. No, sir! He's all about getting nicked with his strap, you know, to certify his street credibility. And then we have Pistol P0, who's all about jumping out and doing things live while beefing with dirty guys. Because when you're engaged in intense conflicts, it's important to emphasize the freshness of your actions. So, strap it, certify it, and enjoy this certified banger of a song!

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