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Song meaning of Сторона (Side) by Mnogoznaal


Song meaning for Сторона (Side) by Mnogoznaal

The song "Сторона" (Side) by Mnogoznaal is a deeply introspective and philosophical track that explores the concept of individuality and self-reliance. The lyrics delve into the artist's personal journey of self-discovery and the realization that he is his own person, separate from societal expectations and influences. In the first verse, Mnogoznaal expresses a sense of wonder and awe at seeing the world without any pretenses or facades. This newfound perspective has brought him closer to someone, possibly a significant other, to the point where he feels like a small part of a larger whole. He reflects on his naivety in the past but acknowledges that as he has grown older, life has become more complicated. Interestingly, he notes the irony that the same struggles he faced in his youth still haunt him, implying that some things never truly change. The chorus, featuring Mnogoznaal and Himmell, emphasizes the theme of self-reliance and individuality. Mnogoznaal asserts that he is his own side, his own guide, and his own rule. This declaration suggests a desire for autonomy and the rejection of external influences or expectations. He acknowledges that he possesses both beauty and flaws within himself, embracing the duality of his existence. In the second verse, Mnogoznaal dismisses the idea of conforming to societal norms or catering to others' expectations. He introduces the concept of the "philosophy of the arc," which implies maintaining a calm and detached perspective while observing the circles of life from the shore. This metaphor suggests a detached and objective outlook on life, refusing to be swayed by external pressures. Mnogoznaal reflects on his past anger and frustration, admitting that he may have lacked self-belief. However, he asserts his determination to never give up, even when faced with challenges. He observes the changes that life brings, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of existence. Despite the hardships, he finds moments of fortune and dreams of waking up from the struggles, suggesting a hopeful outlook and the ability to overcome adversity. The chorus, now featuring KASHA, reinforces the idea of self-imposed rules and individuality. It emphasizes the importance of setting one's own standards and not conforming to societal norms or expectations. Overall, "Сторона" by Mnogoznaal is a thought-provoking song that encourages listeners to embrace their individuality, trust their instincts, and forge their own path in life. It explores the complexities of self-discovery and the power of self-reliance, ultimately inspiring a sense of empowerment and authenticity.

Funny song meaning for Сторона (Side) by Mnogoznaal

Oh, the profound philosophical musings of Mnogoznaal in their song "Сторона"! It's like a deep dive into the complexities of life, love, and self-discovery, with a generous sprinkle of profanity, of course. The lyrics speak of a newfound sense of awakening, as if the singer is seeing the world without any filters for the first time. It appears that this revelation has made them feel connected to their partner, or maybe just really tiny in a vast sea of people. The singer confesses to being a naive fool in the past, but hey, who isn't? Aging has only made them more complicated and, let's say, "intellectually challenged." How ironic that they find themselves entangled in the same old mess they've carried since childhood. Ah, the joys of self-deception! Apparently, pain is a myth, and the singer used to enjoy lying to themselves about it. They fancy themselves an unstoppable warrior when alone in the field, although nobody really knows who they've defeated. It's all quite puzzling, really. But fear not, for the singer embraces their own side, making it abundantly clear that they don't need anyone else's opinion or rules. They declare themselves the ultimate authority, the epitome of beauty and horror combined. Other people and their opinions don't matter. It's a one-person show, baby! But wait, there's more! The singer enters "dugi" mode, a state of calmness where they become indifferent to the world around them, casually observing the circles from the shore. So zen, so profound. They've been angry for oh-so-many years, probably because they didn't believe in themselves. It's like a never-ending battle against their own self-doubt, continuously wrestling with their inner demons. But fear not, again, for life changes, my dear offspring. It hits you like a punch in the face, or perhaps a pat on the back. And sometimes, it all feels like a dream, doesn't it? So, to commemorate this monumental revelation, the singer promises to forget all the bullshit and the sadness. *mic drop* So deep, so poetic, and I didn't even mention the self-imposed rules. It's a reminder to us all that we are the masters of our own universes, the authors of our own stories, and the kings and queens of our own "сторона" (side). Bravo, Mnogoznaal, bravo!

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