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Song meaning of 70063 by ​Mura Masa

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Song meaning for 70063 by ​Mura Masa

"70063" by Mura Masa is a poignant track that delves into the lingering feelings of longing and nostalgia after a relationship has ended. The song opens with the image of keeping pictures in a frame, symbolizing the preservation of memories and the desire to hold onto the past. The lyrics in the verse suggest a sense of ambiguity and restraint in the relationship, with the singer acknowledging that there may not be much to say about their connection but expressing a certainty in their feelings. Lines like "Can't say too much about me and you, babe / But I know one thing, it is for sure" convey a mix of emotional complexity and simplicity.

The chorus serves as the emotional core of the song, with the repeated refrain "Cause I miss you, oh / You know I do, you know I do" emphasizing the raw and honest sentiment of yearning for a lost love. The repetition of this line underscores the depth of the singer's emotions and the inability to shake off the memories of the past. The use of the word "miss" conveys a sense of absence and a longing for something that is no longer present, highlighting the theme of loss and heartache.

The act of saving pictures in the phone mentioned in the verse further reinforces the idea of holding onto memories and the past, even in the digital age. The juxtaposition of modern technology with the timeless emotion of missing someone creates a poignant contrast in the song. Overall, "70063" by Mura Masa captures the bittersweet essence of reminiscing about a past relationship and the enduring impact it has on the singer's heart.

Funny song meaning for 70063 by ​Mura Masa

Oh, here we go, another classic tale of someone missing their ex more than a vegetarian misses bacon. Let's break this down, shall we? So, Mura Masa starts off by proudly declaring that he still keeps pictures of his ex in a frame like she's some kind of shrine to his past mistakes. Then he tries to act all mysterious like "can't say too much about me and you, babe," as if their relationship was some CIA secret mission when we all know it probably ended over a burnt pizza. And let's not forget the chorus where he repeats "Cause I miss you" so many times, it's like he's trying to brainwash himself into thinking he's heartbroken when deep down, let's face it, he's probably just missing the free Netflix password. Oh, young love, so tragic yet so entertaining!

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