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Kick Yo Doe By Lil Crix Ft Nardo Wick

Song meaning of Kick Yo Doe by Lil Crix (Ft. Nardo Wick)

Nardo Wick


Song meaning for Kick Yo Doe by Lil Crix (Ft. Nardo Wick)

"Kick Yo Doe" by Lil Crix featuring Nardo Wick is a gritty and intense trap song that delves into themes of violence, street life, and loyalty. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a dangerous and unforgiving world where survival is key. Lil Crix opens the track with a bold declaration of his readiness to take action, stating, "Ayy, kick yo' door, yo' mama found the FN boomin' up her face." This line sets the tone for the rest of the song, emphasizing a no-nonsense approach to handling conflicts.

Throughout the verses, Lil Crix and Nardo Wick showcase their prowess in the streets, boasting about their ability to handle business and protect their own. Lil Crix references specific weapons and tactics, such as using a .308 to immobilize an opponent and body slamming with a K, likening himself to wrestling legend Booker T. The lyrics also touch on themes of reputation and respect, with lines like "Top slime for real, foe, I'll slime you out just for the fee," highlighting the importance of maintaining a tough image in their world.

Nardo Wick's verse adds another layer to the song, with his confident delivery and sharp wordplay. He emphasizes his independence and skill, rapping, "I pull up by myself, don't need a gang, I mean, I still get 'em." This line showcases his self-reliance and ability to handle business solo. Nardo Wick also calls out fake personas in the industry, criticizing rappers who fabricate their street credibility for fame and recognition.

Overall, "Kick Yo Doe" is a raw and unapologetic track that offers a glimpse into the harsh realities of street life. The lyrics are filled with vivid imagery and bold declarations, creating a sense of urgency and intensity. Lil Crix and Nardo Wick's performances are commanding and confident, making the song a powerful statement of their authenticity and prowess in the rap game.

Funny song meaning for Kick Yo Doe by Lil Crix (Ft. Nardo Wick)

Oh, well isn't this a delightful little ditty about manners and politeness! "Kick Yo Doe" by Lil Crix and Nardo Wick is clearly a modern-day etiquette guide set to a catchy trap beat. Here we have Lil Crix educating us on the importance of knocking on doors, although his method seems a tad aggressive with a FN booming in mama's face. And let's not overlook his thoughtful gesture of helping a friend stuck to a gate with a .308 - truly a good neighbor move. Then we have Nardo Wick, the self-sufficient gentleman who doesn't need a gang to have a good time, just a trusty 'frigerator and a good sense of rhythm. He's the kind of guy who can turn an escalator into a stepping dance party! So, next time you're feeling unsure about manners or fashion choices, just remember the wise words of Lil Crix and Nardo Wick - be kind, be yourself, and always check the 'frigerator for your heart.

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