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Me Or Sum By Nardo Wick Ft Future Lil Baby

Song meaning of Me or Sum by Nardo Wick (Ft. Future & Lil Baby)

Nardo Wick


Song meaning for Me or Sum by Nardo Wick (Ft. Future & Lil Baby)

"Me or Sum" by Nardo Wick featuring Future and Lil Baby is a track that delves into themes of identity, influence, and materialism. The song portrays a narrative where individuals, particularly women, are emulating the lifestyle and persona of the artists, mistaking themselves for being on the same level of success and status. Future sets the tone in the first verse by highlighting how a woman he's involved with is adopting his style and possessions, such as chains and designer items, leading her to believe she is on par with him. He raps, "Put on my chains, now she think she me or some'," showcasing how material possessions can blur the lines of individual identity.

Nardo Wick continues this theme in his verse, where he describes a woman who is infatuated with him to the point of wanting to embody his essence. He mentions how she puts on his chains and adopts a special ringtone, indicating her desire to be associated with him. The lyrics, "Let her put my chains on, now she think she me or somethin'," illustrate the woman's attempt to mirror Nardo's image and lifestyle, blurring the boundaries between herself and the artist.

Lil Baby's verse adds another layer to the narrative, focusing on the lavish lifestyle and materialistic tendencies that come with success. He describes a woman who indulges in luxury items like Chanel and Birkin bags, suggesting that her access to these goods makes her feel akin to him. The line, "She got all them bracelets up her arm, look like she me or somethin'," emphasizes how material possessions can create a false sense of identity and connection to the artist.

Overall, "Me or Sum" explores the complexities of identity and influence in the context of fame and material wealth. The song sheds light on how individuals, particularly women in this case, can blur the lines between their own identity and that of the artists they admire, often through material possessions and lifestyle choices. The artists paint a vivid picture of individuals who mistake materialism for identity, leading to a sense of false association and self-worth.

Funny song meaning for Me or Sum by Nardo Wick (Ft. Future & Lil Baby)

Ah, the classic tale of a woman who thinks she's the embodiment of Future and Lil Baby combined. How arrogant! As if just by wearing some chains and brandishing a Glock, she can transcend into a rap superstar. Future starts off by praising this girl for hustle, but let's be real, she's probably just hustling discounts at the mall. Lil Baby jumps in with his millions, talking about his favorite cars and how he's made more money than most of us will see in a lifetime. Meanwhile, Future continues to list all the ways this girl is trying to be like him, from dressing tecky to counting cash fast (because, you know, that's a sure sign of being a rap icon). Oh, and let's not forget Nardo Wick, who seems to be preoccupied with putting chains on girls and making them think they're him. At least we know he values consent, with his "Let me put it in your liver" line. The cherry on top is the outro, where Future gives Nardo props for the song. Of course, we can't ignore the fact that this whole thing just screams insecurity and materialism, but hey, who am I to judge? Stay humble, ladies—unless you wanna act like you're me or some!

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