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Song meaning of 별의 시 (Love Is A Beauty) by NCT 127

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Song meaning for 별의 시 (Love Is A Beauty) by NCT 127

The song "별의 시" (Love Is A Beauty) by NCT 127 is a heartfelt and poetic expression of love. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a beautiful love story, comparing it to the enchanting beauty of stars and the soothing embrace of the night.

The song begins with the members reminiscing about a past love, symbolized by an ivy leaf on a weathered wall and a flower garden. They feel the presence of their loved one in every step they take and are captivated by the shimmering waves that remind them of their journey together. The lyrics suggest that their love shines brightly like the nine stars in the sky, overwhelming their senses with its brilliance.

As the song progresses, the members delve deeper into their emotions, feeling the whispers of the stars in their ears. Their love grows stronger, and they compare their feelings to a small poem, emphasizing the significance and beauty of their love. They question whether this intense connection they feel is indeed love, acknowledging the power and allure of love itself.

The lyrics also touch upon the moments of tranquility and intimacy shared between the lovers. They describe the scene of a shooting star descending, like a gentle rain, and being captured in their eyes. The pouring stars above them symbolize their journey towards the heavens, as they find solace and warmth in each other's arms.

The song further explores the choices made in love, as the members express their decision to embrace their feelings and find comfort in each other. They acknowledge the challenges that may arise, but they are determined to do whatever it takes to make their love right. The lyrics suggest that the stars above them serve as a guiding light, illuminating their path towards happiness.

Throughout the song, the members repeatedly emphasize the beauty of love. They cherish the present moment, vowing to hold onto it forever. They describe the feeling of the world coming to a standstill during the peaceful nights when they are together. The lyrics compare their love to a lemon-colored light, symbolizing its sweetness and brightness. They promise to etch their love into this song, ensuring that it will be remembered and cherished.

In the final moments of the song, the members express their deep affection, declaring their love repeatedly. They acknowledge that their relationship may not be conventional, but they assure their loved one that they will teach them how to love and be loved. They emphasize that love is not always easy, but loving their partner is effortless. The lyrics convey the emptiness they feel in the absence of their loved one, highlighting the significance of their time together and the memories they have created.

Overall, "별의 시" (Love Is A Beauty) by NCT 127 is a poetic and heartfelt exploration of love's beauty and the profound impact it has on our lives. The lyrics beautifully capture the emotions and experiences of being in love, making it a relatable and touching song for listeners.

Funny song meaning for 별의 시 (Love Is A Beauty) by NCT 127

Ah, "Love Is A Beauty" by NCT 127, huh? Let me break it down for you with my hilarious interpretation. So, according to the first verse, we got some Ivy leaves, faded walls, and all that jazz. Sounds like a trip to the local botanical garden gone wrong. And oh, these guys are feeling poetic, talking about the moon and blue reflections. But hold up, because here comes the chorus, where they declare their undying love in the presence of nine blinding lights. I don't know about you, but I'm gonna need some sunglasses for that level of intensity! They're talking about secret whispers from the stars, like they have some sort of supernatural connection. And apparently, this song is their little poem of love. How romantic, I guess? But seriously, why is love always compared to beauty? Can't we compare it to something practical, like a nice cup of coffee or a cozy pair of slippers? Anyway, they sprinkle in some more starry imagery in the second verse, with shooting meteors and all. Gotta admit, stargazing sounds way more fun when you have a hottie by your side. In the third verse, they're all like, "I chose you because I'm drawn to you, let's cuddle all night long." Ah, young love, what a delight. And they're willing to do anything to make this love right, even if it means stretching their arms wide open to provide warmth. Now, that's dedication! Finally, in the bridge, they claim they'll cherish this moment forever. Apparently, the world stops spinning when they're together. Wow, way to take the whole "love is a beauty" concept to the extreme, guys! They end the song with sweet declarations, saying they love each other more than the other person loves them. That's some intense one-upmanship right there. And they'll keep calling it love, even if it feels like a lemon-colored dream. So, there you have it, "Love Is A Beauty" in all its poetic, starry-eyed glory. Enjoy, my friend!

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