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Song meaning of We Need More Bricks by Neck Deep

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Song meaning for We Need More Bricks by Neck Deep

"We Need More Bricks" by Neck Deep is a powerful and politically charged song that addresses the current state of society and the need for change. The lyrics convey a sense of frustration and disillusionment with the world, highlighting the consequences of madness and an underlying sadness that permeates society.

The song begins by describing the rain on the parade, symbolizing the obstacles and challenges faced by the younger generation. The kids are wide awake and raging against the palace, representing their rebellion against the established order and their desire for a better future. The plea for someone to save them reflects a sense of helplessness and the need for external intervention.

The chorus emphasizes the importance of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. It encourages listeners to get back up when they've been knocked down and find the spark, the light, and the will to overcome obstacles. The lyrics suggest that things could be better, tighter, and more exciting, but the current state of affairs falls short. The repeated line "We need more fight and we need more grit" emphasizes the need for a stronger and more determined approach to effect change.

The second verse delves into the idea that the next emergency or tragedy is just waiting to happen, and it serves as a distraction tactic to divert attention from the real issues. The victims are blamed while those responsible go unpunished. The line "don't reach for your kids 'cause we got this boat surrounded" implies that the system is rigged against the common people, and they must stand together to fight against it.

The bridge of the song reinforces the need for action and unity. It states that we need more punks, symbolizing rebellious and outspoken individuals who challenge the status quo. The lyrics suggest that just because an issue doesn't directly affect someone personally, it doesn't make it any less important or right. The repetition of "we gotta make it" emphasizes the responsibility to take action and make a difference.

Overall, "We Need More Bricks" is a call to arms, urging listeners to rise up, fight for change, and build a better future. It highlights the need for resilience, determination, and unity in the face of adversity. The song serves as a reminder that progress requires active participation and a refusal to accept the status quo.

Funny song meaning for We Need More Bricks by Neck Deep

Ah, "We Need More Bricks" by Neck Deep, a song that seems to be a mix of political commentary and a call for rebellion. Let's dissect this little gem, shall we? The first verse tells us that the state of things is a symptom of madness, with an overwhelming sadness lurking beneath the surface. But fear not, because apparently rain on parades only soaks the ballots. I wonder if they've tried throwing glitter instead? Then we have the kids who are wide awake and raging against the palace. Now, I'm not sure if they mean an actual palace or just a really fancy house, but I applaud their dedication nonetheless. Maybe they should consider a career in interior design, using bricks from their rebellion. Oh, and someone better save them, of course. In the chorus, we learn that when you've been on the way down, you gotta "get back up," because apparently there's a spark, a light, and a will that lead to a way out. Perhaps they're speaking metaphorically? I can only hope they have a map or something. But wait, it could be so tight, so sick, yet it just ain't right! Oh, the injustice of it all! Their solution? More fight, more grit, more punks, and yes, you guessed it, more bricks. Because if there's one thing that screams rebellion, it's a good, sturdy brick, my friends. The bridge takes us on a journey where we need more punks, more bark, and more bite, because apparently, just because something isn't on your own doorstep doesn't make it right. I couldn't agree more. So, let's all join forces and make it right, folks! Finally, in the repeated chorus, they affirm their desire to get back up from their way down, with a spark, a light, a will, and a way out. It's all quite inspiring, really, like a motivational speech for aspiring bricklayers. So, remember, when life brings you down, just grab a brick and build yourself a way out. Who needs therapy when you have construction materials?

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