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Song meaning of В вакууме (In a Vacuum) by Нервы (Nervy)

Нервы (Nervy)


Song meaning for В вакууме (In a Vacuum) by Нервы (Nervy)

The song "В вакууме" by Нервы (Nervy) delves into the concept of living in a societal vacuum, where individuals feel trapped and constrained by the expectations and norms imposed upon them. The lyrics open with a plea to refrain from rushing to judgment or action, emphasizing the idea that everyone is here to live and breathe, and that no one can take that away. This sets the tone for a reflection on the shared experience of existence within a larger system that can feel suffocating and limiting.

The verses paint a picture of a world where people are seemingly stuck in a cycle, living in a metaphorical prison within the vacuum of society. The mention of consuming breakfasts and the occasional elections every four years highlights the mundane and repetitive nature of life, where individuals are fed with illusions and deceit, ultimately exhaling sadness and disappointment. The line "Мы вдыхаем обман, и выдыхаем печаль" (We inhale deceit and exhale sadness) captures the essence of disillusionment and resignation that permeates the lyrics.

The chorus serves as a call for understanding and connection amidst the chaos and noise of the world. The suggestion to make the music quieter so that we can truly hear each other reflects a desire for genuine communication and empathy. The repetition of "Мы все одним воздухом дышим" (We all breathe the same air) reinforces the idea of shared humanity and interconnectedness, regardless of differences in volume or status.

Overall, "В вакууме" by Нервы (Nervy) is a poignant reflection on the struggles of navigating life within a societal vacuum, urging listeners to seek understanding, empathy, and connection in a world that often feels isolating and overwhelming.

Funny song meaning for В вакууме (In a Vacuum) by Нервы (Nervy)

Oh boy, strap in for some deep space exploration with Нервы (Nervy) and their song "In a Vacuum." This track is like a cosmic rollercoaster ride through the complexities of life, served with a side of existential crisis. The band sings about living in a vacuum, which is probably just their way of saying life sometimes feels emptier than a Black Friday sale on self-worth. They compare existence to a big prison, where we all just do our best to survive on a diet of breakfasts and the occasional election every four years – because nothing screams freedom like choosing between different flavors of political disappointment. Inhaling the deceit of others, exhaling sadness, it's like a yoga class for your soul, but with more emotional weightlifting. And just when you think things can't get any weirder, they suggest making the music quieter so we can all hear each other. Because hey, who needs volume when you can share deep thoughts over a low-key jam session, am I right? So remember, folks, in the vast vacuum of life, we're all just breathing the same air and trying not to suffocate on our own melodrama. So turn down the music, turn up the introspection, and let's all collectively sigh in unison for the sheer absurdity of it all!

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