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Song meaning for Beautiful by NF

"Beautiful" by NF is a powerful and emotional song that delves into the struggles of a young woman who is dealing with deep emotional pain and insecurity despite her outward beauty. The chorus sets the tone, highlighting the contrast between her external beauty and internal brokenness. The lyrics "There she goes, she's so beautiful, she's so

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Ah, the classic "Beautiful" by NF, a touching anthem dedicated to a girl who's apparently drop-dead gorgeous but also a total basket case. This poor girl is like a stunning hot mess wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma with a side of hot sauce. She's lying on her bed, shedding more tears than a leaky faucet, all the while bemoaning her lack of love like it's going out of style. And hey, she's getting attention from every Tom, Dick, and Harry, but who cares, right? She's too busy praying for protection and putting on a "fake act" to worry about the fact that Daddy ghosted her faster than a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. And let's not forget the profound realization that she needs to stop seeking validation from boys who think she's a ten but can't even spell empathy, let alone show some. So, in conclusion, NF is basically telling this girl to stop staring at herself in the mirror like a sad puppy and start looking up at the big man upstairs because, honey, you're beautiful (allegedly) and nothing says self-love like seeking validation from a higher power, am I right?

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