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You Could Start A Cult By Niall Horan

Song meaning of You Could Start A Cult by Niall Horan

Niall Horan


Song meaning for You Could Start A Cult by Niall Horan

"You Could Start A Cult" by Niall Horan is a love song that expresses the singer's willingness to give up everything for his beloved. He believes that she is so special that she could start a cult or even start a war between kingdoms. The chorus repeats the line "I'll follow you till there's no tomorrow" to emphasize his devotion to her. The song ends with the acknowledgement that others may think they're crazy, but to him, she is more than just beautiful. Overall, the song is a declaration of love and loyalty to someone who is seen as extraordinary.

Funny song meaning for You Could Start A Cult by Niall Horan

Oh, Niall, honey, we need to talk about this "start a cult" business. I mean, I know love can make you do crazy things, but let's not go all Charles Manson on us, okay? And what's with this talk of giving up everything and being willing to follow this person until there's no tomorrow? Are we sure we're not talking about joining Scientology here? And don't even get me started on wanting to wake up by their side - do they even have room for all of their cult followers? But hey, if starting a war or two is your thing, Niall's SO is apparently worth it. Just make sure to have a good exit strategy when the FBI shows up, okay? At least we can all agree that she is so much more than beautiful to him - that's the true cult of love.

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