Certified North West G By Nines Ft Fatz Icb

Song meaning of Certified North West G by Nines (Ft. Fatz (ICB))



Song meaning for Certified North West G by Nines (Ft. Fatz (ICB))

"Certified North West G" by Nines featuring Fatz (ICB) is a gritty and boastful track that delves into themes of loyalty, success, and street life. The song opens with a phone call setting the tone for Nines' confident and commanding presence. The hook, performed by Mikes NWG, questions why someone would want to betray Nines, emphasizing his status as a Certified North West G and his ability to turn money into profit.

In the first verse, Nines paints a vivid picture of his rise to power in the city, showcasing his prowess as a hustler and a leader. He references his ability to make connections and generate wealth, comparing his hands to the color of Shrek's after handling money. Nines boasts about his past successes and current wealth, hinting at a lavish lifestyle with luxury cars, penthouses, and valuable possessions. He also touches on the envy and hate he faces from others in the industry, highlighting his resilience and determination to succeed despite setbacks.

Fatz's verse in the song adds another layer to the narrative, with a focus on street credibility, loyalty, and a willingness to defend his reputation by any means necessary. Fatz portrays himself as a fearless and ruthless figure, unafraid to resort to violence to protect his honor and maintain his status in the streets. He references his loyalty to his crew and his readiness to face legal consequences without showing remorse, showcasing a hardened and unapologetic attitude.

Overall, "Certified North West G" is a track that exudes confidence, power, and a sense of defiance against those who seek to undermine Nines and Fatz. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a world where loyalty is paramount, success is measured in material wealth, and survival in the streets requires a tough and uncompromising mindset.

Funny song meaning for Certified North West G by Nines (Ft. Fatz (ICB))

Ah, "Certified North West G" by Nines, a true anthem for those who believe that money does, in fact, sprout from trees in the magical land of the North West. Nines, also known as Nina with da Nina, is out here making niggas wanna build a line, running through hoes like a ribbon on a finish line, and having hands the same color as Shrek's after some serious crop trimming. This man is so connected, he's got buzz spreading faster than a rumor and had a buzz back when he was throwing seven at his jeweler. And let's not forget Fatz with his deep blue sea swimming, loyalty to the block, and straight-up not giving a f*** attitude - you better pipe down, little dickheads! From living crazy large with an 80-car driveway to having invisible old girls like Sue Richer, Nines and Fatz are redefining what it means to be a Certified North West G. So, if you're not handing out pictures all day like you're running a gallery or swimming in a deep blue sea of non-f***s-given, then you better step back and let these lyrical geniuses school you on what it means to make P's and flex with Penthouse jets in view. Don't forget to ask Lord forgiveness because these guys are coming in hot like a bird shit flatline – nothing can nurse that burn, baby! Just remember, when Yung Capo spits bare ether and ladies start flocking to you like Tulisa, it's time to embrace your inner North West G and start airin' out the scene like a true Ice city boy. So, why you wanna turn on these certified ballers? Money may not grow on trees, but in the North West, it sure as hell makes P's fly like a bee on a honey spree, yeah!

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