F K The Worl By Nines Ft Kojey Radical Tiggs Da Author

Song meaning of F**k The Worl by Nines (Ft. Kojey Radical & Tiggs Da Author)



Song meaning for F**k The Worl by Nines (Ft. Kojey Radical & Tiggs Da Author)

"F**k The World" by Nines featuring Kojey Radical and Tiggs Da Author is a powerful and introspective track that delves into the struggles and frustrations faced by the artists in their respective lives. The chorus, sung by Tiggs Da Author, sets the tone for the song's overall message of disillusionment and pain towards the world. The repeated refrain of "Fuck the world, ain't done much for me, hope it's all a dream 'cause pain is all I feel" encapsulates the sense of hopelessness and disappointment that permeates throughout the lyrics.

In the first verse, Nines reflects on his desire to leave behind a life of crime and violence, expressing his weariness of the constant surveillance and scrutiny he faces. He touches on themes of societal distractions, the pressure to conform to materialistic standards, and the challenges of finding legitimate employment in a world plagued by inequality and injustice. Nines' frustration is palpable as he navigates through a day filled with gray skies, lack of weed, and relationship troubles, ultimately culminating in a defiant declaration of "Fuck the world."

Kojey Radical's verse adds another layer of depth to the song, as he addresses the judgment and prejudice he faces for his upbringing and struggles. He confronts the systemic injustices that have shaped his experiences, highlighting the lack of understanding and empathy from those who have never walked in his shoes. Kojey's poignant lyrics touch on themes of resilience, survival, and the harsh realities of living in a world that often fails to recognize the humanity of individuals like him.

Overall, "F**k The World" is a raw and unapologetic anthem that speaks to the pain, resilience, and defiance of individuals who have been marginalized and overlooked by society. The collaboration between Nines, Kojey Radical, and Tiggs Da Author creates a powerful and emotionally charged track that resonates with listeners who have felt the weight of the world on their shoulders. The song's message is a bold declaration of self-empowerment and a refusal to be silenced or diminished by the challenges of life.

Funny song meaning for F**k The Worl by Nines (Ft. Kojey Radical & Tiggs Da Author)

Ah, the classic "F**k The World" anthem, where Nines and the gang unleash their deep, existential rage while also dropping some truth bombs in the form of bars. Nines is like, "I'm too busy dodging the feds and dealing with probation drama to bother with trapping anymore, but also, I ain't about that materialistic lifestyle, I'm just too down to earth for that nonsense. And with unemployment rates soaring, Nines is out here contemplating getting a job in the metaverse, because who needs real-world problems when you can escape to a digital reality, am I right? Meanwhile, Kojey Radical is spitting fire about not being welcomed home by his mom if he smells like weed, and how society loves to judge them for trying to survive and put food on the table. It's like, "Stay out of our business before you end up staring down the barrel, buddy." So next time you're feeling fed up with the world's BS, just remember these wise words: "Fuck the world, hope it's all a dream 'cause pain is all I feel" – poetic, really.

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