Faze Me By Nines Ft Speshill

Song meaning of Faze Me by Nines (Ft. SPESHILL)



Song meaning for Faze Me by Nines (Ft. SPESHILL)

"Faze Me" by Nines featuring SPESHILL delves into the theme of resilience in the face of adversity and the pursuit of financial success amidst the challenges of street life. The chorus, sung by SPESHILL, sets the tone for the song as he repeats, "I been walkin round lately, like this shit don't faze me," portraying a sense of nonchalance and detachment from the struggles that surround them. However, the underlying truth is revealed when he admits, "But the truth is this life can make me go crazy," highlighting the internal turmoil and pressure they face.

Nines' verses provide a deeper insight into his journey and mindset. He reflects on his progress, stating, "Doin better than last year, that's progression," showcasing his determination to rise above his circumstances. Nines also touches on the harsh realities of his environment, mentioning violence and the need to protect himself, as seen in the lines, "And I'm rollin with the stainless, I don't fight, I leave your brains on your Nike's." This illustrates the harsh and dangerous nature of the world he navigates.

The lyrics also touch on Nines' aspirations for a better life, away from the streets. He raps about his desire to accumulate wealth and leave the struggles behind, as expressed in the lines, "I'm just tryna get that paper and leave." Despite the challenges and temptations he faces, Nines remains focused on his goal of financial success, as evidenced by his references to making money through illicit means and his disdain for those who prioritize material possessions over genuine wealth.

Overall, "Faze Me" by Nines featuring SPESHILL is a gritty and introspective track that explores the complexities of street life, resilience, and the pursuit of success in the face of adversity. The song captures the struggles, aspirations, and contradictions that define Nines' journey, offering a raw and honest portrayal of his reality.

Funny song meaning for Faze Me by Nines (Ft. SPESHILL)

Ah, the timeless saga of a gangsta trying to maintain his cool demeanor while deep down he's just a bundle of nerves waiting to explode like a poorly microwaved burrito. Here we have Nines and SPESHILL proclaiming to the world, "I'm so chill, you could mistake me for an iceberg in sunglasses." Walking around like nothing fazes them, meanwhile, they're two small mishaps away from a full-blown meltdown. Nines is out here bragging about his trapstar problems, like choosing between a Versace or Gucci belt to match his trap house decor. And let's not forget the classic line about leaving your brains on your Nike's – oops, did I step on your head with my designer sneakers? My bad, it slipped. Then we have Nines feeling the stress of life because all he sees is bills, bills, bills like he's the fourth member of Destiny's Child. Bills haunting him like student loans at 3 am, whispering sweet debt into his ear. But fear not, for Nines is here to set fire to your shoe-selling mermaid dreams and show you how to ball so hard you should win a Ballon d'Or for your dope dealing skills. So next time you see Nines strutting down the street like he's immune to life's trials and tribulations, just remember, deep down he probably just wants to curl up with a tub of ice cream and binge-watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta. #GangstaProblems

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