Finally Rich By Nines Ft Skrapz

Song meaning of Finally Rich by Nines (Ft. Skrapz)



Song meaning for Finally Rich by Nines (Ft. Skrapz)

"Finally Rich" by Nines featuring Skrapz delves into the journey of overcoming struggles and striving for success in the midst of a challenging environment. The song opens with Nines reflecting on his past experiences in the trap, emphasizing the sacrifices made to secure a better future beyond the confines of his current reality. Lines like "Stacking for a new life, I can't rely on this rap" and "Made a few mistakes so I would have been rich already" highlight his determination to break free from the cycle of street life and poverty.

Nines also touches on themes of loyalty and betrayal within his circle, expressing frustration towards friends who prioritize materialism over long-term goals. The lyrics "Told my niggas save their P, but they just wanna floss" and "See my niggas hit the belly, never give me a penny" reveal the internal conflicts and tensions that arise when pursuing success amidst conflicting values.

Skrapz's chorus adds a layer of optimism and confidence, symbolizing a brighter future on the horizon despite the challenges faced. The imagery of chains shining bright like brake lights and the reference to hitting three women in one night juxtapose the newfound wealth and status with the struggles of the past, showcasing a stark contrast in lifestyle and mindset.

Overall, "Finally Rich" encapsulates a narrative of resilience, ambition, and the pursuit of prosperity in the face of adversity. Nines and Skrapz's collaboration paints a vivid picture of personal growth, self-discovery, and the realization of dreams, making it a compelling anthem for those striving to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Funny song meaning for Finally Rich by Nines (Ft. Skrapz)

Oh, honey, let's break down this lyrical masterpiece, shall we? So, Nines here is basically spilling the tea about his rough come up from dead weekends in the trap to finally making some coin. He's out here telling his boys to stop flexing, but they just can't help themselves because they ain't got no chill. And don't even get him started on those old heads hogging up the game – like, move over grandpas, Nines is here to snatch that chain and make it rain (quite literally). He's dropping more bombs than a monsoon, leaving his workers with some boxes to handle while he jets off in his fly beemer to press nina's like it's laundry day at the dry cleaners. Skrapz jumps in with some dreams about a bright future, chains shining brighter than a breaklight, and hitting three chicks in one night – talk about multitasking! Nines then goes on about needing to blow up big time, dealing with drama in the hood, and making more phone changes than a teenage girl going through a breakup. He's throwing more punches than Daniel San, showing off his bling, and dodging raves like it's his full-time job. But hey, in the end, he's just chilling, dropping some subtle shoutouts, and laughing in the faces of all the haters. Slay Products and Zino Records, baby – ha ha ha!

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