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Song meaning of Flavours by Nines



Song meaning for Flavours by Nines

"Flavours" by Nines is a song that delves into the artist's deep connection with cannabis and the various strains and flavors he enjoys. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Nines' lifestyle and his passion for smoking weed. In the first verse, Nines talks about smoking so much weed that he wishes he could insure his lung, showcasing his dedication to the plant. He references specific strains like gelato thirty-three and black cherry pie, highlighting his preference for high-quality and potent varieties. Nines also mentions experiencing forgetfulness due to his heavy smoking, humorously attributing it to smoking so much Skittles that he could "taste the rainbow."

The song continues to explore Nines' experiences with different strains and flavors of weed, such as biscotti, gorilla glue, and watermelon kush. He contrasts his own smoking habits with those of his friend Trappy, emphasizing their individual preferences for strains like glue and star dog. Nines takes pride in the variety of flavors he enjoys, mentioning cookies, Jaffa Cakes, Gushers, and Smarties, showcasing his knowledge and appreciation for the diverse world of cannabis strains.

Throughout the song, Nines also hints at his involvement in the cannabis industry, mentioning growing his own strain and working on developing it further. He expresses a sense of accomplishment and wealth from his involvement in the cannabis market, alluding to the financial success it has brought him. The song's outro humorously describes Nines sharing his potent weed with a snow leopard and its friend, causing them to pass out from the strength of the strain.

Overall, "Flavours" by Nines is a celebration of cannabis culture, showcasing the artist's love for different strains and flavors, as well as his involvement in the industry. The lyrics provide insight into Nines' lifestyle, preferences, and experiences with weed, creating a colorful and engaging narrative for listeners.

Funny song meaning for Flavours by Nines

Ah, "Flavours" by Nines, where the lyrical genius is on full display as he beautifully narrates his deep love affair with weed and all its delightful flavors. Our dear Nines here is basically giving us a comprehensive guide to his extravagant weed-tasting adventures, where he's so high he's on the verge of insuring his lungs just to keep up with his chronic habit. He's not just smoking any regular ol' weed; he's on that next level, tasting the rainbow like a true connoisseur by vigorously puffing on Skittles-flavored joints. Nines takes us on a journey through a world where gelato is not just a delicious dessert but a potent strain of marijuana, and where exotic strains like black cherry pie and watermelon kush are the norm. His encounters with various weed strains are so intense that he hallucinates apes and giant gorillas stuck in glue while casually mentioning overseas trips to smoke that watermelon kush. And let's not forget the sheer audacity in dissing amateurs who think they know their weed game by claiming to have flavors like diesel and super orange glue - please, Nines has no time for basic blends! In a nutshell, "Flavours" is a vibrant ode to the art of smoking up, where Nines reigns as the undisputed king of mixing and matching exotic strains like a master chef of the marijuana world. Truly a poetic masterpiece for the modern-day weed enthusiast.

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