Free By Skrapz Ft Miss Kai Ryder Nines

Song meaning of Free by Skrapz (Ft. Miss Kai Ryder & Nines)



Song meaning for Free by Skrapz (Ft. Miss Kai Ryder & Nines)

"Free" by Skrapz featuring Miss Kai Ryder and Nines is a powerful and introspective track that delves into the longing for freedom and the struggles faced while incarcerated. The song opens with a dedication to those in prison, with a call to "free up all my niggas man" and "free all my bitches up in Holloway too." This sets the tone for the themes of imprisonment and the desire for liberation that are explored throughout the verses.

Skrapz reflects on his time in jail, acknowledging the harsh reality of life behind bars while also emphasizing the importance of freedom. He contrasts the monotony and confinement of prison with the simple joys of being with family or relaxing on a beach, highlighting the stark difference between the two worlds. Skrapz also touches on the dangers of glorifying the street life, cautioning against the false allure of hustling and boasting about criminal activities.

Nines adds his perspective to the song, recounting his own experiences in prison and the challenges he faced while incarcerated. He reminisces about the tough conditions and the camaraderie among inmates, as well as his transition to the music industry as a means of pursuing a better life. Nines expresses his desire to provide for his team and create a brighter future, emphasizing the importance of financial stability and success.

The chorus sung by Miss Kai Ryder reinforces the central theme of yearning for freedom and a return to family. Her soulful vocals capture the emotional weight of being separated from loved ones and the longing for a life outside of confinement. The repetition of "I just wanna be free" serves as a poignant reminder of the ultimate goal shared by Skrapz, Nines, and countless others who are incarcerated.

Overall, "Free" is a poignant and heartfelt track that sheds light on the harsh realities of imprisonment while also celebrating the resilience and determination of those seeking a better future. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggles faced by individuals behind bars and the universal desire for freedom, making it a powerful anthem for those yearning to break free from the constraints of their circumstances.

Funny song meaning for Free by Skrapz (Ft. Miss Kai Ryder & Nines)

Oh, look at Mr. Skrapz over here trying to give us a motivational speech from his stint in the pen. I mean, come on, he's acting like he was on a spiritual retreat rather than locked up with a bunch of guys who probably wouldn't hesitate to shank him over a pack of ramen noodles. And can we talk about Nines for a sec? He's out here reminiscing about the good old days of trapping, like it's a high school reunion rather than a criminal enterprise. "Hugged a couple niggas that I'd probably never meet again" - yeah, because they're either rotting away in jail or pushing daisies in the ground, Nines. And let's not forget Miss Kai Ryder providing the obligatory "I just wanna be free" chorus like she's auditioning for an emotional country ballad about escaping a toxic relationship. Guys, let's cut the crap and just admit this song is basically a rap version of a therapy session for convicts. But hey, if it helps them sleep better at night on their rock-hard prison mattresses, who are we to judge?

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