Fuck All The Hoes By Nines

Song meaning of Fuck All The Hoes by Nines



Song meaning for Fuck All The Hoes by Nines

The song "Fuck All The Hoes" by Nines delves into the artist's experiences and mindset as he navigates the streets and his rise in the music industry. The lyrics convey a sense of resilience and determination in the face of adversity, as Nines reflects on his past struggles and his current success. The opening lines, "Fuck all the hoes that dissed me, When I blow they'll miss me, Always keep my burner on me cause the roads are risky," set the tone for the song, highlighting Nines' defiance towards those who doubted him and his need to protect himself in a dangerous environment.

Throughout the song, Nines showcases his lyrical prowess and confidence in his abilities as a rapper. He references his drug dealing past with lines like "I push O's to the limit, Sell 60 in a hour, goes by the minute," illustrating his street credibility and entrepreneurial spirit. Nines also pays homage to his friends and supporters, expressing his loyalty and gratitude towards them, as seen in the lines "This is for my yungers and my olders, Gonna buy them niggas all revolvers, Cuz I don't wanna have no fallen soldiers."

The song also touches on themes of ambition and self-reflection, with Nines acknowledging his past mistakes and missed opportunities. He raps about his growth as an artist and his determination to succeed, as evidenced by lines like "Everybody telling me my rhymes are crack, Kinda paranoid though cause my lines are tapped." Nines' raw and authentic storytelling, combined with his confident delivery and vivid imagery, make "Fuck All The Hoes" a compelling and introspective track that resonates with listeners who appreciate authenticity and grit in hip-hop music.

Funny song meaning for Fuck All The Hoes by Nines

Ah, "Fuck All The Hoes" by Nines, a poetic masterpiece that truly captures the essence of... well, I don't know what. But let's break it down, shall we? Here we have Nines expressing his disdain for all the hoes that dissed him, because nothing says revenge like a catchy chorus. And of course, he needs to keep his burner on him because, you know, roads are risky – gotta watch out for those potholes and shady pedestrians. Selling 60 in an hour? Well, that's a prolific work ethic right there, move over Dunder Mifflin. And let's not forget the heartfelt dedication to his yungers and olders, buying them all revolvers because nothing says "I care about you" like a deadly weapon. Oh, and Nines is apparently harder than most rappers when freestyling, so hard that he needs a warning label. And who needs achievements when you can reminisce about school days and potential wasted? In conclusion, Nines is a full-time hustler who just happens to dabble in music, because why not add another hustle to the mix? Keep swimming in those notes, Nines, just watch out for paper cuts.

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