Gangsteritus Part 2 By Potter Payper Ft Nines Tiggs Da Author

Song meaning of Gangsteritus Part 2 by Potter Payper (Ft. Nines & Tiggs Da Author)



Song meaning for Gangsteritus Part 2 by Potter Payper (Ft. Nines & Tiggs Da Author)

"Gangsteritus Part 2" by Potter Payper featuring Nines and Tiggs Da Author delves deep into the sacrifices and struggles that come with living a life entrenched in the streets and the music industry. The chorus, sung by Tiggs Da Author, sets the tone for the song, emphasizing the internal conflict and turmoil faced by the artists. The repeated mention of "These hoes, these hoes, bringin' fire to my eyes" alludes to the distractions and temptations that can cloud one's vision and lead them astray from their goals.

Nines opens the track with a reflection on his past life, where he talks about the money he made and the risks he took to achieve success. Lines like "I'm just tryna get my dough up then I'm gone" and "Last year, I wasted twenty K on Uber and hoes" showcase the materialistic and hedonistic lifestyle often associated with fame and wealth. However, Nines also hints at the darker side of his journey, mentioning incidents of violence and the constant threat of danger that looms over him.

Potter Payper's verse adds another layer to the narrative, highlighting the harsh realities of street life and the struggles of maintaining authenticity in the music industry. He raps about the pressure to conform to a certain image and the challenges of staying true to oneself amidst the allure of money and fame. Lines like "I got gangsteritus, fuck the medication" and "all this money and this fame really don't mean shit" underscore the emptiness and disillusionment that can come with chasing success at any cost.

Overall, "Gangsteritus Part 2" is a raw and introspective track that delves into the complexities of fame, wealth, and the sacrifices made in pursuit of a dream. The artists' poignant lyrics and emotive delivery paint a vivid picture of the struggles and conflicts that lie beneath the surface of a glamorous lifestyle, reminding listeners that true fulfillment and happiness cannot be bought or achieved through external validation.

Funny song meaning for Gangsteritus Part 2 by Potter Payper (Ft. Nines & Tiggs Da Author)

Oh, darling, let me break it down for you like a crappy old chair that collapses under the weight of reality. In this melodious masterpiece, "Gangsteritus Part 2" by Potter Payper featuring Nines and Tiggs Da Author, we witness a profound exploration of the human experience. Oh, how poetic it is to hear Nines boast about his extravagant lifestyle, from earning a cool mill a year to wasting twenty grand on Uber rides and hoes (sounds like my average Tuesday)! And Potter Payper, bless his heart, talks about pumping the block like asthma patients and promises to always spill the tea on what the industry won't admit. So deep, so profound, it's like Shakespeare with a side of street cred. And let's not forget Tiggs Da Author crooning about walls that bring fire to his eyes – maybe he needs better insulation, just saying. The only sacrifice we're making for this life is trying to decipher these lyrics without bursting into fits of laughter. Oh, the joys of gangsteritus, where medication is optional but a killer flow is mandatory. Stay classy, my friends, and always remember: even gangsters struggle with changing the script and realizing that money and fame ain't worth squat in the grand scheme of things. Now, excuse me while I go pump up the block like an asthmatic DJ at a rave.

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