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Song meaning of Going In by Nines



Song meaning for Going In by Nines

"Going In" by Nines is a gritty and introspective track that delves into the realities of street life, success, and loyalty. The song opens with a chorus that highlights the protagonist's rise to power and the support he receives from his inner circle, particularly his friend Nines. The lyrics, "Thank Allah every day for my nigga Nines" and "My brudda' Nines is like the Five Star president," emphasize the deep bond and respect between the narrator and his friend, who plays a significant role in his success and survival in the streets.

In the first verse, Nines paints a vivid picture of his life of crime and hustle, showcasing his prowess with words and street smarts. Lines like "I had machines since a kid like Dexter's lab" and "Guaranteed she coming first like Bolt in the Olympics" demonstrate his confidence and skill in navigating the underworld. The references to "whippin' pies and spittin' lies" and making keys disappear in days illustrate his involvement in drug trafficking and the risks he takes to maintain his lifestyle.

The second verse delves deeper into Nines' struggles and mindset as he grapples with the pressures of success and the constant threat of violence. He reflects on his roots in the hood, the challenges of staying clean amidst the temptations of the streets, and the paranoia of being targeted. The lines, "Been in the hood my whole life, flippin' them bricks" and "I've had money on my head since I was eighteen," reveal the harsh realities he faces and the sacrifices he has made to survive.

Overall, "Going In" by Nines is a raw and unapologetic portrayal of a man navigating the dangerous world of crime and ambition. The song's intense lyrics, coupled with Nines' confident delivery and vivid storytelling, offer a glimpse into the complexities of street life, loyalty, and the pursuit of success in the face of adversity.

Funny song meaning for Going In by Nines

Ah, the modern-day Shakespearean masterpiece that is "Going In" by Nines. Let's break it down, shall we? So, Nines starts off by proclaiming he's the king of turning living rooms into crack dens, because who needs Ikea furniture when you can have a good ole bandos aesthetic, right? And let's not forget his childhood filled with tech and mags - move over, Lego, it's all about that Dexter's Lab realness. Oh, and the magic sticks that make women finish faster than Usain Bolt? Nines truly is the magician of love-making! And then we have his friend Pebble, who apparently can make food disappear faster than David Copperfield. Plus, Nines is so baller that his plants touch the ceiling, no green thumb required. Forget about Hollywood stars, Nines is living that Nucky Thompson life in the Ritz – move over, Kardashians, there's a new reality show in town. And of course, in true gangsta fashion, Nines hopes all his stacks of cash won't change him, because nothing says humility like stacks on stacks on stacks. So, basically, "Going In" is like a Shakespeare play, but with more bling and less iambic pentameter.

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