Autopilot On A Mountain You Know You Re Right Live By Nirvana

Song meaning of Autopilot/On a Mountain (You Know You're Right Live) by Nirvana



Song meaning for Autopilot/On a Mountain (You Know You're Right Live) by Nirvana

"Autopilot/On a Mountain (You Know You're Right Live)" by Nirvana is a poignant and introspective song that delves into themes of love, pain, and self-realization. The lyrics convey a sense of emotional turmoil and inner conflict, as the protagonist grapples with the complexities of love and the aftermath of a failed relationship.

The opening verses express a sense of resignation and detachment from love, with lines like "I will never love again" and "I don't need to love again" highlighting a sense of emotional exhaustion and disillusionment. The repetition of phrases like "I don't want her" and "I don't think I want her" further emphasize the protagonist's struggle to come to terms with their feelings.

The chorus, with its repeated cries of "Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain," serves as a powerful and visceral expression of the emotional anguish and suffering that the protagonist is experiencing. The phrase "You know you're right" can be interpreted as a moment of clarity or realization, where the protagonist acknowledges the truth of their situation and the inevitability of their pain.

As the song progresses, there are references to past experiences and memories, such as "You gave me my first kiss" and "It's all that I had then," suggesting a sense of nostalgia and longing for what once was. The repeated refrain of "I don't think I want her" throughout the song underscores the protagonist's struggle to let go of the past and move forward.

Overall, "Autopilot/On a Mountain (You Know You're Right Live)" by Nirvana is a raw and emotionally charged exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a protagonist grappling with their emotions and trying to make sense of their experiences, ultimately culminating in a cathartic and powerful musical expression of pain and acceptance.

Funny song meaning for Autopilot/On a Mountain (You Know You're Right Live) by Nirvana

Ah, the classic tale of someone who's clearly had enough of love drama and is like, "You know what? I'd rather be on autopilot, thanks!" It's like they're over there saying, "I'm done loving, I won't even bother sighing and moping anymore, I don't need this love nonsense. I mean, who needs to love anyway? Somewhere out there, in a magical land called 'I don't know,' there's probably a better time to be had than dealing with all this emotional rollercoaster. And hey, I won't promise her anything, I don't even think I want her! But wait, hold up, you dropped your first kiss on me and I... yeah, I don't really want it. Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain - aha, you know you're right, it's like a broken record of suffering! And you're telling me to follow him and teach him I loved him, but nah, not gonna do it. Sorry, buddy, I don't ever want again, it's all in the past, it's all I had back then but now I'm like nah, not gonna miss her, don't think I want her. And here we are, ending with a bang of instrumental and outro - because sometimes you just gotta drop the mic and walk away from love drama with a smug smile on your face. Autopilot engaged, baby!

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