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Song meaning of Been a Son by Nirvana



Song meaning for Been a Son by Nirvana

"Been a Son" by Nirvana is a poignant and introspective song that delves into themes of societal expectations, gender roles, and the pressures of conforming to traditional norms. The lyrics, sung by Kurt Cobain, express a sense of regret and frustration towards the protagonist, who is portrayed as a female who should have been a son instead. This sentiment is highlighted in the chorus, where the repetition of "Been a son, she should have..." emphasizes the longing for a different outcome.

In the verses, the lyrics paint a picture of a woman who is perceived to have fallen short in various aspects of her life. Lines such as "She should have stayed away from friends" and "She should have made her mother proud" suggest a sense of disappointment and missed opportunities. The reference to wearing a "crown of thorns" alludes to the suffering and burden that the protagonist carries, perhaps due to societal expectations and pressures.

The chorus serves as a powerful refrain, driving home the idea that the protagonist should have been a son, implying that being male would have somehow made her life easier or more fulfilling. This longing for a different gender identity reflects the complexities of gender roles and the limitations placed on individuals based on societal norms.

Overall, "Been a Son" is a thought-provoking song that challenges traditional notions of gender and identity, while also exploring themes of regret and unfulfilled potential. The raw emotion in Cobain's vocals and the repetitive nature of the lyrics create a sense of urgency and longing, making this track a standout in Nirvana's discography.

Funny song meaning for Been a Son by Nirvana

Ah, the classic "Been a Son" by Nirvana, where Kurt Cobain takes us on a rollercoaster of ridiculous expectations for this poor fictional character. It's like he's playing a twisted game of 'Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda' but with a brutal twist! "She should have stayed away from friends" - Uh oh, looks like social distancing would have been crucial for this gal. "She should have died when she was born" - Whoa, that escalated quickly! Talk about tough love from Kurt there! And let's not forget "She should have worn the crown of thorns" - I mean, move over, Jesus, we've got a new crown wearer in town! In conclusion, this song is basically a laundry list of impossible expectations that would make even the most ambitious overachiever blush... or just slap Kurt Cobain for being so darn demanding!

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