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Song meaning of +−0 by Noize MC

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Song meaning for +−0 by Noize MC

The song "+−0" by Noize MC delves into the introspective musings of the artist as he contemplates his impact on the world and the legacy he will leave behind. The lyrics open with a dialogue between Noize MC and his son, where they discuss the artist's contributions to hip-hop. The son questions what Noize MC has done for hip-hop, to which he responds with a sense of humility, admitting that he hasn't done much. This sets the tone for the reflective nature of the song.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the idea of everything being a plus or minus zero in the grand scheme of the world. Noize MC acknowledges that everything he has created, done, and said amounts to a neutral balance. This could be interpreted as a commentary on the fleeting nature of accomplishments and the insignificance of individual actions in the vastness of the world.

In the first verse, Noize MC uses metaphors of coordinates and graphs to illustrate his place in the world. He describes himself as a "black square" without the three axes of his coordinate system, highlighting a sense of disorientation and lack of direction. Despite the complexities of life and the different paths people take, he finds solace in moments when he feels connected to others in a shared experience.

The second verse delves into the idea of coming home to loved ones, represented by the metaphor of "plus three." Noize MC reflects on the transient nature of his career, with a busy schedule and constant movement, but ultimately finds comfort in the thought of returning to those who matter most to him. He values the presence of those who have supported him, emphasizing that any positive addition to his life is valuable, while only zeros can be subtracted.

Overall, "+−0" by Noize MC is a contemplative track that explores themes of legacy, connection, and the transient nature of achievements. The artist grapples with his place in the world and the significance of his actions, finding warmth in the relationships and moments that truly matter to him. The song invites listeners to reflect on their own contributions and the importance of human connection amidst the complexities of life.

Funny song meaning for +−0 by Noize MC

Ah, the melodramatic musings of Noize MC in his song "+−0." Let's break it down, shall we? In this lyrical masterpiece, we witness Noize MC grappling with his own existence in the vast universe of hip-hop. He ponders his contributions (or lack thereof) to the genre, realizing he's basically a mathematical zero with an occasional positive or negative twist. As he rambles on about being a lonely black square in a world of painted depressions by Malevich (who knew avant-garde art could be so relatable?), he finds solace in the fact that at least at home, he's a number one with a plus three waiting for him. And don't get him started on his emotional rollercoaster regarding possibly adding more numbers to his entourage, because let's face it, who wouldn't want to be graced by his presence? So, here's to Noize MC, the mathematically perplexed yet emotionally warm musician who's just trying to figure out his place in a world that's as confusing as Malevich's abstract paintings. Brava, Noize MC, brava!

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