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Song meaning of Noize MC — Амнезия (Round 3) by Седьмой официальный баттл Hip-Hop.Ru (Battle 7) (Ft. Noize MC)

Noize MC


Song meaning for Noize MC — Амнезия (Round 3) by Седьмой официальный баттл Hip-Hop.Ru (Battle 7) (Ft. Noize MC)

The song "Амнезия (Round 3)" by Noize MC featuring Седьмой официальный баттл Hip-Hop.Ru (Battle 7) delves into the theme of forgetfulness and memory loss, using clever wordplay and references to historical figures to convey a deeper message. The lyrics open with a quote from Майк Науменко, setting the tone for the song: "Спасибо вам за то, что вы пришли на нас посмотреть, Но, к сожалению, я забыл, о чём я собирался петь." This sets the stage for the recurring theme of forgetting and remembering throughout the track.

Noize MC's verses showcase his lyrical prowess as he navigates through the complexities of memory loss. In the first verse, he questions the difference between amnesia and sclerosis, humorously asking, "Напомните, кто со мной в паре: Тутанхамон или Навуходоносор?" This line not only showcases his wit but also highlights the confusion and uncertainty that comes with forgetting. He also criticizes his opponent's music, likening it to a "заведомый брак" (a deliberate fraud) and suggesting they wrap themselves in toilet paper and lie in a sarcophagus.

The chorus, sung by Майк Науменко, reinforces the idea of forgetting and then remembering, creating a cyclical pattern that mirrors the struggles of memory loss. Noize MC continues to play with historical references in the second verse, addressing figures like Аменхотеп and Хаммурапи, using them to comment on the state of Russian hip-hop and the persistence of subpar artists in the industry. The line "Такого говна в России вагон и маленький прицеп" (There's a cart and a small trailer of this crap in Russia) serves as a scathing critique of the music scene.

Overall, "Амнезия (Round 3)" by Noize MC is a clever and thought-provoking track that uses humor and wordplay to explore the complexities of memory and forgetting. Through witty lyrics and historical references, the song sheds light on the challenges of maintaining a sense of self and identity in a world filled with distractions and uncertainties.

Funny song meaning for Noize MC — Амнезия (Round 3) by Седьмой официальный баттл Hip-Hop.Ru (Battle 7) (Ft. Noize MC)

Ah, the lyrical masterpiece that is "Амнезия" - or as I like to call it, the battle cry of forgetfulness! Noize MC kicks things off with introspection about the fine line between amnesia and dementia, questioning whether he's supposed to rap about King Tut or that other dude with the unpronounceable name. He then proceeds to roast his opponent so hard, they might as well wrap themselves in mummy cloth and take a long nap in a sarcophagus. Noize MC's rhymes hit harder than a Pharaoh's curse, leaving his foes wandering lost in the ancient ruins of his sick burns. And just when you think he's about to drop the mic, he hilariously forgets which verse he's supposed to spit, proving that even rap gods can suffer a brief lapse in memory. In the end, Noize MC embraces his forgetfulness with a wink and a nod, leaving us all to ponder: Are we really living in the age of hip-hop, or did we accidentally time travel back to the era of Cleopatra's snappy comebacks? Oh, the mysteries of rap battles never cease to amaze!

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