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Song meaning of 3 Tyma by Noizy



Song meaning for 3 Tyma by Noizy

The song "3 Tyma" by Noizy delves into the theme of marijuana consumption and its effects on the artist's daily life. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Noizy's routine of smoking marijuana throughout the day, emphasizing the carefree and relaxed attitude that comes with it. In the chorus, Noizy questions how to roll two or three joints, showcasing his familiarity and expertise in the art of smoking. The repetition of "Ok, Ok, Ok" adds a playful tone to the song, highlighting the casual nature of his relationship with marijuana.

In the first verse, Noizy describes his morning routine of waking up and immediately smoking a joint, setting the tone for the rest of the day. The imagery of smoking three joints in various locations, such as the couch, the bathroom, and even while showering, illustrates the pervasive presence of marijuana in his life. The mention of lighting up a joint before getting into the elevator and listening to music further emphasizes the role of marijuana in enhancing his daily experiences.

The second verse delves into the social aspect of smoking marijuana, with references to interactions in a supermarket and encounters with the police. Noizy portrays a nonchalant attitude towards authority figures, suggesting a rebellious streak in his personality. The lyrics also touch on the idea of escapism and the temporary relief that marijuana provides from the pressures of everyday life.

The bridge and outro of the song reinforce the theme of continuous marijuana consumption, with Noizy expressing his dedication to smoking "that good shit" all the time. The repetition of sparking a joint once, twice, and then saying "byebye" in the third instance symbolizes the cyclical nature of his habit and the temporary escape it provides from reality.

Overall, "3 Tyma" by Noizy offers a glimpse into the artist's relationship with marijuana, portraying it as a constant companion in his daily life and a source of relaxation and enjoyment. The lyrics blend humor, defiance, and a sense of carefreeness, creating a laid-back and relatable narrative for listeners.

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Ah, the timeless tale of Noizy, the self-proclaimed "Ganja man," who embarks on a journey through the mystical land of Albania, spreading the gospel of smoking that "good shit" every waking moment. Through the eloquent art of lyrical poetry, Noizy regales us with his daily routine of sparking up not once, not twice, but thrice, bidding farewell to reality in a cloud of smoke and herbal enlightenment. As he navigates the treacherous waters of grocery store encounters and run-ins with the law, Noizy remains steadfast in his mission to inhale the sacred fumes of the "Nize Jointin," ultimately reaching a state of euphoria where time and space blur into a haze of "3 Tyma." So grab your rolling papers and join Noizy on this whimsical adventure of herbal escapades and questionable life choices, for in the words of the poetic genius himself, "This is a man's world," indeed. Stay high, stay fly, and remember: "Byebye," as Noizy bids adieu to reality and welcomes the sweet embrace of the green goddess. A true masterpiece of modern music, destined to be sung by generations of stoners to come. Ha ha ha ha ha, Noizy!

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