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Song meaning of 20 DEEP by O Side Mafia

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Song meaning for 20 DEEP by O Side Mafia

"20 DEEP" by O Side Mafia is a gritty and intense track that delves into themes of loyalty, power, and street life. The song opens with a bold declaration of strength and unity, as the chorus proclaims, "We gon' pull up uh, Twenty deep, hunnid clip sa bunbunan mo." This sets the tone for the rest of the song, emphasizing the group's solidarity and readiness to defend themselves at all costs.

In the first verse, GEE EXCLSV asserts his dominance and authenticity in the rap game, stating, "Bitchin' mga hoes, Aking spit, men legit kaya tatagos." He rejects superficial fame and games, emphasizing his raw talent and dedication to his craft. The imagery of a cold corpse when things heat up reflects the harsh consequences of crossing them, adding a layer of menace to the lyrics.

MADMAN STAN's verse adds depth to the narrative, showcasing a desire for repetition and dominance in their actions. He raps about the importance of making every move count and leaving a lasting impact, as seen in lines like, "'Di lang puro gun sound, gusto lagi sinusulit." The references to ice and drip symbolize their status and swagger, highlighting their confidence and style in the face of danger.

COSTA CASHMAN's verse further solidifies the group's reputation for strength and intimidation. He warns potential adversaries to beware of the consequences of underestimating them, with lines like, "Sah, ingat sa Maynila, bawal dito, mga ulaga." The repeated chorus reinforces their unity and readiness for any challenge, emphasizing their loyalty to each other and their set.

Overall, "20 DEEP" by O Side Mafia is a hard-hitting track that showcases the group's unapologetic attitude and fierce determination in the face of adversity. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a tight-knit crew willing to go to any lengths to protect their own and assert their dominance in the streets.

Funny song meaning for 20 DEEP by O Side Mafia

Ah, buckle up, buttercup, 'cause we're diving headfirst into the lyrical maze of "20 DEEP" by O Side Mafia, where they seem to have mistaken themselves for a pack of high-fashion posing penguins armed with enough clips to start a paperclip factory. The chorus basically translates to them showing up in force, armed to the teeth, cold as ice, and always ready for a fierce group selfie. In Gee Exclsv's verse, he's claiming his rhymes penetrate through bogus women like a hot knife through butter, refusing to play games and sticking to his guns - literally. Meanwhile, Madman Stan is all about quantity over quality, wanting multiple do-overs to ensure his target stays down, mixing in demon time and flashy drip all in one chaotic blend. Costa Cashman steps in like Sherlock Holmes on steroids, calling out unknown faces and issuing threats left and right, warning the foolish ones not to mess with the bomb-dropping crew. Overall, it's like a rough, tough gangsta version of your grandma's knitting circle - they may strike a fierce pose, but deep down, they just want a warm cup of tea. Watch out, Manila, the O Side Mafia is coming to dethrone you, and they won't stop posing until every last 'O' is dropped. Stay fabulous, bitches!

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