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Song meaning of Bag It Up by Oasis



Song meaning for Bag It Up by Oasis

"Bag It Up" by Oasis is a song that exudes a sense of hedonism and indulgence, with lyrics that paint a picture of a carefree and pleasure-seeking lifestyle. The song opens with imagery of luxury and leisure, with lines like "Gold and silver and sunshine is rising up" and "Pour yourself another cup of Lady Grey," setting the tone for a lavish and indulgent experience. The mention of taking a walk with a "Monkey Man" adds a playful and whimsical element to the song, hinting at a desire for adventure and excitement.

The chorus of the song, with lines like "Lay your love on the fire when you come on in" and "Tell me what you desire and we'll bag it up high," suggests a willingness to embrace passion and desire without reservation. The repeated references to having "heebee jeebees hidden in a bag" could symbolize hidden desires or secrets that are waiting to be unleashed and explored.

The pre-chorus and chorus sections, where the singer expresses a feeling of wanting more and being drawn to the unknown, reflect a sense of restlessness and a craving for new experiences. The overall vibe of the song is one of escapism and living in the moment, with a focus on self-indulgence and seeking out pleasure.

In conclusion, "Bag It Up" by Oasis is a song that celebrates living life to the fullest, embracing desires and pleasures without inhibition. The lyrics evoke a sense of freedom and spontaneity, encouraging listeners to let go of their inhibitions and immerse themselves in the thrill of the moment.

Funny song meaning for Bag It Up by Oasis

Oh, dear listeners, gather ‘round and let me decode the deep, profound poetry of the legendary Oasis. In "Bag It Up," Noel Gallagher seems to be inviting us into a whimsical world of tea-drinking, runaway models, and existential crises. As the sun rises on a landscape of gold and silver, we are encouraged to embrace our quirks and maybe throw in a cup of Lady Grey for good measure. The mention of a Monkey Man and a telegram suggests a bizarre rendezvous involving a primate and outdated communication methods—truly avant-garde! And when we're told to lay our love on the fire and bag up our desires, I can't help but picture a strange ritual involving heebee jeebees hidden in a bag. It's like a psychedelic tea party meets a spiritual awakening with a side of monkey business. So, grab your Lady Grey, find your Monkey Man, and let's bag up our desires high in a cloud of existential confusion! Oasis, you cheeky musical geniuses!

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