Columbia Live At Knebworth 10 August 96 By Oasis

Song meaning of Columbia (Live at Knebworth, 10 August '96) by Oasis



Song meaning for Columbia (Live at Knebworth, 10 August '96) by Oasis

"Columbia (Live at Knebworth, 10 August '96)" by Oasis is a song that captures a sense of confusion and uncertainty in the midst of change. The repetition of the lines "There we were, now here we are / All this confusion, nothing's the same to me" in the verses reflects a feeling of disorientation and a struggle to make sense of a new reality. The lyrics suggest a disconnect between what is perceived and what is actually happening, as seen in the lines "What I've heard is not what I hear / I can see the signs, but they're not very clear."

The chorus of the song emphasizes the difficulty in expressing emotions that are unfamiliar, with the singer admitting, "I can't tell you the way I feel / Because the way I feel is, oh, so new to me." This highlights a sense of vulnerability and hesitation in opening up about these new and complex feelings. The post-chorus lines "This is confusion, am I confusing you? / This is peculiar, we don't want to fool ya" further underscore the theme of uncertainty and the fear of being misunderstood.

The energetic and anthemic nature of the song, especially in a live performance setting like Knebworth, adds to the raw emotion and intensity of the lyrics. The repeated calls to "Come on" in the outro create a sense of urgency and a rallying cry, perhaps symbolizing a desire to push through the confusion and find clarity amidst the chaos. Overall, "Columbia" by Oasis is a powerful exploration of inner turmoil and the struggle to navigate through a period of change and uncertainty.

Funny song meaning for Columbia (Live at Knebworth, 10 August '96) by Oasis

Ah, the classic Oasis tune "Columbia (Live at Knebworth, 10 August '96)" where they're like, "Hey, we're here, but we don't know where we are, and everything's confusing, man." It's like they woke up from a wild party at Knebworth and realized they left their brains behind. And then they're all like, "I can't even explain what's going on in my head because it's all so darn new to me, mate." It's like they're in a continual state of 'mind blown' confusion, and they're not even sure if they're confusing you or themselves. But hey, as long as everyone's jamming at Knebworth, who cares if they make sense, right? It's all about that rock 'n roll chaos, baby! And then they end it all with a bunch of 'come on's and 'yeah, yeah, yeah's like they're trying to convince themselves they're actually having a good time. Rock on, Oasis, rock on!

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