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Song meaning of Fairweather Friends by Oliver Tree

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Song meaning for Fairweather Friends by Oliver Tree

"Fairweather Friends" by Oliver Tree is a song that delves into the concept of friendship and the changing dynamics that can occur over time. The lyrics paint a picture of the artist's experiences with different types of friends, particularly those who only stick around when things are going well. The opening lines, "I got fairweather friends in my G-Class Benz, Some stay, some go, some days it depends," highlight the fickle nature of these relationships. The G-Class Benz symbolizes success and material wealth, suggesting that some friends are only interested in being around for the benefits that come with it.

The song reminisces about a past encounter with one of these fairweather friends at a six-way intersection. This intersection serves as a metaphor for the various paths people take in life, and how sometimes those paths cross unexpectedly. It implies that the artist and this friend have taken different routes and haven't seen each other since.

In the first verse, Oliver Tree reflects on his rise in the drug trade, moving from selling small amounts to larger quantities. He mentions his "fake Gucci bag" and the risk he takes while transporting drugs. This verse could be interpreted as a metaphor for the artist's ascent in the music industry, where he has moved up from humble beginnings to a more successful position. However, he acknowledges that even in this new position, he still encounters fairweather friends.

The second verse takes a more confrontational tone, as Oliver Tree asserts his individuality and superiority. He emphasizes that he and the person he's addressing are not on the same level, both in terms of lifestyle and ambition. He boasts about dining with porn stars and frequenting Michelin-starred restaurants, highlighting his success and high standards. The line "I'm that friend who will fuck your bitch" suggests a level of dominance and confidence, further establishing his position as someone not to be trifled with.

Overall, "Fairweather Friends" by Oliver Tree explores the theme of friendship and the challenges that come with success. It sheds light on the superficiality of some relationships and the need to differentiate between genuine friends and those who are only around for personal gain. The song showcases Oliver Tree's unique style and his ability to infuse personal experiences into his music.

Funny song meaning for Fairweather Friends by Oliver Tree

Ah, "Fairweather Friends" by Oliver Tree, a catchy little ditty about the joys and woes of friendship. Now, imagine Oliver cruising around town in his G-Class Benz, feeling all fancy and whatnot. But alas, he realizes that his circle of friends is as fickle as a reality TV contestant's commitment to true love. Some stick around, some disappear like a magician's assistant, and every day is like playing Russian roulette to see who's still in the friend zone. Oliver reminisces about a time when he and a pal crossed paths at a six-way intersection, presumably while both trying to navigate through life's messy roads. And boy, has Oliver come a long way! He went from selling sacks to moving up to QP's and packs. It's like a rapper's version of Monopoly, but instead of buying properties, you level up with the quantity of illegal substances. Oliver has his dope deals down to an art form, carrying a measly thousand bucks in his fake Gucci bag like it's pocket change. But be warned, folks, it may be sealed tight, but that stash reeks worse than a skunk's morning breath. Just as he gets ready to rumble with anyone who dares to confront him, Oliver boasts about his lavish lifestyle, wining and dining with porn stars at swanky restaurants. I mean, who needs real companionship when you have Michelin stars as your dinner dates, am I right? In the end, Oliver wants us all to know that he's the king of the friend zone. He'll seduce your girl before you even know what hit you, but please, just stick around long enough to roll the spliff, because, honey, that kitty he's talking about has a grip like a gorilla weightlifting. So, there you have it, a poignant tale of fairweather friends and Oliver's quest for sensibly loose friendships. Bravo, Mr. Tree, bravo.

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