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Song meaning of 21st century girls* by Olivia Rodrigo

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Song meaning for 21st century girls* by Olivia Rodrigo

"21st Century Girls" by Olivia Rodrigo delves into the pressures and expectations placed on young women in the modern digital age. The song paints a picture of a seemingly perfect girl with long blonde hair and wealthy background, who is idolized by others for her outward success and beauty. The lyrics "Long blonde hair, daddy's a millionaire, Nobody knows her, but everybody wants to" highlight the superficial standards of beauty and wealth that society often values.

The chorus of the song reflects the internal struggle of the narrator, who acknowledges the unrealistic standards set by society for young women. The lines "Twenty-first century girls are perfect, And I know it isn't real, it's all so stupid" convey a sense of disillusionment with the facade of perfection that is often portrayed on social media and in popular culture. The reference to "digital love" emphasizes the artificial nature of relationships and self-worth that can be shaped by online validation.

As the narrator compares herself to the idealized image of the "twenty-first century girl," she grapples with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. The lyrics "It's hard not to feel like I'm never enough, Yeah, I want that twenty-first century love" capture the yearning for acceptance and validation in a world where appearances and social status hold significant weight.

Overall, "21st Century Girls" by Olivia Rodrigo serves as a poignant commentary on the pressures faced by young women in today's society, urging listeners to question the authenticity of perfection and find value in their own unique identities beyond societal expectations.

Funny song meaning for 21st century girls* by Olivia Rodrigo

Oh, Olivia Rodrigo, painting a picture of a "twenty-first century girl" with daddy's bank account and dreamy Europe trips – what a relatable experience! But really, she's just describing a walking Barbie doll with more zeros in her bank balance than brain cells. I mean, who needs a personality when you've got a private jet and a dream boy's lips to kiss, am I right? And let's not forget the "digital love" that feels oh so real in this world of filters and Facetune. I guess if you're not a flawless, perfect, angelic twenty-first century girl, according to Olivia, you might as well give up now and drown your insecurities in a tub of ice cream. But hey, who needs self-esteem when you can have that elusive twenty-first century love, right? *eye roll*

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