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Apocalyptic Crush By Olivia Rodrigo

Song meaning of Apocalyptic Crush* by Olivia Rodrigo

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Song meaning for Apocalyptic Crush* by Olivia Rodrigo

"Apocalyptic Crush" by Olivia Rodrigo is a song that delves into themes of jealousy, possessiveness, and competition in a romantic relationship. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a love triangle, with the protagonist feeling threatened by a rival who is trying to win over her partner. The song opens with the protagonist addressing the rival, highlighting their attempts to get the attention of the partner by calling him late at night and playing coy. The lyrics "Yeah, you must think you're funny calling him at ten o'clock / You think he thinks you're pretty, I can guarantee he does not" convey a sense of dismissiveness towards the rival's efforts.

The chorus of the song reveals the depth of the protagonist's feelings, as she refers to the rival as "his apocalyptic crush," emphasizing that the partner's affections for the rival would only come to fruition in a catastrophic scenario where there is no one else left on Earth. The lines "You're his apocalyptic crush / If we all died, you'd be the one / Who'd get to kiss him in the ashes" underscore the protagonist's possessiveness and determination to hold onto her relationship, even in the face of extreme circumstances.

The song's pre-chorus and chorus also showcase a sense of confidence and defiance from the protagonist, as she challenges the rival to "shoot your shot" and face the reality that the partner belongs to her. The lyrics "But go ahead and shoot your shot / Baby, let me know how it goes / Know him better than you thought / And I think you should know" convey a sense of assurance and a warning to the rival that their efforts will ultimately be in vain.

Overall, "Apocalyptic Crush" by Olivia Rodrigo is a powerful and emotionally charged song that explores the complexities of love, jealousy, and possessiveness in relationships. The lyrics capture the intense emotions and insecurities that can arise when faced with competition for a partner's affections, ultimately culminating in a defiant declaration of ownership and love.

Funny song meaning for Apocalyptic Crush* by Olivia Rodrigo

Oh, honey, let's break down this apocalyptic drama by Olivia Rodrigo, shall we? So, in this twisted love triangle, we have Miss Desperate Over There calling up a guy at 10 p.m., thinking she's all flirty and cute, but honey, he ain't interested. Meanwhile, Olivia is sitting back, sipping her tea, and dropping truth bombs left and right. She's basically saying, "Girl, you're so obvious it's painful. Keep playing dumb and you'll end up face-planting into the boundaries you're crossing." And then she hits her with the ultimate burn, calling her the guy's "apocalyptic crush," basically saying he would only like her if they were the last two people on Earth, but hey, Olivia's not worried because she's got dibs on him till the end of days. So, sorry, not sorry, apocalyptic crush, but even if the world ends, Olivia's still the queen bee in this boy's heart. Talk about savage!

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