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Song meaning of Ms. Jackson by OutKast



Song meaning for Ms. Jackson by OutKast

"Ms. Jackson" by OutKast is a song about the complicated relationship between a man and his ex-girlfriend's mother. The song's chorus is an apology to Ms. Jackson for causing her daughter pain, while the verses explore the drama and tension between the two former lovers. Big Boi expresses frustration with his ex's mother, who he feels is interfering in their relationship and trying to start a custody battle. André 3000 reflects on the ups and downs of his relationship with Ms. Jackson's daughter, acknowledging that their love has grown beyond puppy love. The song ultimately ends with a message of reconciliation and forgiveness, with the two rappers apologizing for any hurt they may have caused and expressing a desire to move forward.

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Oh Ms. Jackson, we know your daughter is crying but it's not Andre's fault! Well, not entirely anyway. It's not his fault that he fell in love with her and they have a special thang going on. But we can't blame Big Boi's baby mama drama for not liking him either. She's just trying to get a piece of that American pie, you know what we mean? And Big Boi's paying for everything - from the cable to the medical bills. But hey, it's worth it, right? They have a crib with a Goodyear swing on an oak tree! They hope they can feel this way forever, but let's be real, forever never seems that long until you're grown. And when you are, you notice that the day-by-day ruler can't be too wrong. So Ms. Jackson, don't be mad. Everything is cool and they'll be there for the first day of school and graduation. Just let bygones be bygones and go on and get the hell on, you and your mama.

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