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Song meaning of Angels by Owl City

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Song meaning for Angels by Owl City

"Angels" by Owl City is a whimsical and dreamy song that explores the idea of finding beauty and wonder in the everyday moments of life. The lyrics paint a picture of the singer's fascination with the mysterious and magical elements that surround him, symbolized by angels. The song opens with the singer observing shadows and footprints, hinting at a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world around him.

The chorus, "Livin' close to the ground, Is seventh Heaven 'cause there are angels all around," suggests that the singer finds joy and contentment in the simple pleasures of life, believing that there is magic and beauty to be found in the mundane. The reference to astronauts seeing beautiful things further emphasizes the idea of finding wonder in unexpected places.

The repeated plea to "Wake me if you're out there" conveys a sense of longing for connection and a desire to experience something beyond the ordinary. The bridge, with the lines "I keep my knees black and blue, 'Cause they often hit the hard wood floor, And I believe, So I'm not praying to the ceiling anymore," hints at a deeper spiritual or existential search for meaning and connection.

The song concludes with a powerful message that encourages listeners to open their eyes to the possibility of encountering angels in their own lives, suggesting that there is magic and wonder all around us if we are willing to see it. Overall, "Angels" by Owl City is a poetic and introspective exploration of finding beauty, wonder, and spirituality in the everyday moments of life.

Funny song meaning for Angels by Owl City

Oh boy, let's break down this gem, shall we? "Angels" by Owl City, more like "Angels" by Oh-So-Serious City. So, the singer is all paranoid, staring out his window like a nosy neighbor, convinced he's seeing unfamiliar shadows in the bush. Dude, how many cups of coffee did you slam before this late-night staring sesh? And the whole deal with leaving windows unlocked and eating acorns – are you trying to start a squirrel commune or something? Plus, the constant plea to be woken up if someone's out there - like, is this guy trying to set up a blind date with a ghost or what? And the whole "knees black and blue from hitting the floor" - yeah, maybe invest in some knee pads, buddy, that sounds painful. And let's not forget the grand finale where he's like, "Yo, if you wanna see angels, just look around, they're probably chilling in your local Starbucks." So, in conclusion, what we've learned from this song is that staring out windows at shadows, leaving acorns for ghosts, and banging your knees on the floor are all key ingredients for spotting angels at the local coffee shop. Keep dreamin', Owl City, keep dreamin'.

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