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2020 By Marie Angelique

Song meaning of 2020 by Marie Angelique



Song meaning for 2020 by Marie Angelique

The song "2020" by Marie Angelique, as performed by P!nk, delves into themes of self-reflection, motivation, and transformation. The lyrics paint a picture of a time in the past, specifically the year 2020, where the singer felt inspired and driven to make positive changes in her life. The opening verse sets the tone with lines like "I wanna be real and shinin'" and "Yes it was a celebration reachin' a goal," showcasing a desire for authenticity and personal growth. The mention of "starvation days" and "sweatin' and workin'" highlights the hard work and dedication required to achieve one's aspirations.

The chorus serves as a nostalgic ode to the year 2020, with the repeated refrain of "2020 I miss you, come back to me." This longing for the past is intertwined with a determination to "flawlessly follow thorough," indicating a commitment to continue striving for success. The lyrics in the second verse emphasize the singer's motivation and happiness during that time, with phrases like "motivated and happy I faved it" and "I chased ohh 2020."

As the song progresses, there is a sense of introspection and realization that change is necessary for personal growth. The mention of "February 2020, knowin' thinkin' I gotta change me" reflects a turning point in the singer's mindset. The lyrics also touch on moments of indulgence and distraction, such as "drank 'n smoked 'till I passed out," juxtaposed with a drive for self-improvement.

The bridge of the song introduces a sense of planning and looking towards the future, with the singer declaring "Gotta plan, got to change 2020 to 2023, has to be my year." This shift in focus from reminiscing about the past to setting goals for the future encapsulates the overarching message of growth and transformation present throughout the song. Overall, "2020" by Marie Angelique is a reflective and empowering anthem that encourages listeners to embrace change and strive for personal evolution.

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Oh, sweet 2020, the year of enlightenment for P!nk and her journey to self-realization through excessive sweat and starvation days! Who needs those fake diamonds when you can have a real shine brought on by a few good starvation days, am I right? I mean, who needs willpower when you can just chase euphoric times by smoking that paranoia weed and chasing that glow-up dream? And let’s not forget those immaculate angles that were probably just the result of a good Snapchat filter. But hey, 2020 was the year P!nk realized she needed a change, so watch out 2023, 'cause here she comes with a plan to transform herself into something even more fabulously hungry and sweat-covered. Oh, the joys of striving for perfection while singing about missing a year that most of us would rather forget! Oh 2020, you truly were a gem of a year... for someone.

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