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All My Feelings By Carte Silva

Song meaning of All My Feelings by Carté Silva



Song meaning for All My Feelings by Carté Silva

"All My Feelings" by Carté Silva, as performed by P!nk, is a heartfelt song that delves into the depths of love and longing. The lyrics paint a picture of a passionate and all-consuming love, where the protagonist is completely enamored by their partner. The opening lines, "Todo ha cambiado, Este sentimiento, Vivo enamorado, De tus ojos negros" (Everything has changed, This feeling, I live in love, With your black eyes), set the tone for the intense emotions expressed throughout the song.

The chorus, with the repeated lines "All my feelings are about you," emphasizes the central theme of the song: the protagonist's overwhelming feelings for their significant other. This repetition drives home the idea that every emotion, every thought, and every action is centered around their love interest.

The lyrics also touch on themes of fate and destiny, with lines like "Estaba escrito, En algún lugar, Por mas que te pierda, Te vuelvo a encontrar" (It was written, Somewhere, No matter how much I lose you, I find you again). This suggests a sense of inevitability in the relationship, as if the two lovers are meant to be together despite any obstacles they may face.

Overall, "All My Feelings" is a poignant and passionate ode to love, capturing the intensity and all-encompassing nature of deep emotional connections. P!nk's emotive delivery and the evocative lyrics make this song a powerful exploration of love and longing.

Funny song meaning for All My Feelings by Carté Silva

Oh, P!nk, you poetic genius! "All My Feelings" by Carté Silva may sound all romantic and lovey-dovey on the surface, but let's dissect these lyrics like we're in a high school English class, shall we? So, it seems our protagonist here is feeling all the feels for someone with “negros ojos” – ooh, exotic! They're talking about wanting to see the sunrise with this person, babbling on about how they have a deep connection and how their feelings are just so darn exclusive. Like, get over yourself, buddy! They keep repeating "All my feelings are about you" like a broken record. I mean, we get it, you're obsessed! And then they go on about how life isn’t the same without this person – dramatic much? I guess when you’re in love, your brain just turns into a mushy pile of clichés. But hey, who am I to judge? Keep singing your heart out, P!nk!

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