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Apoca By Tvneshi

Song meaning of Apoca by TVNESHI



Song meaning for Apoca by TVNESHI

"Apoca" by TVNESHI featuring P!nk is a song that delves into themes of inner turmoil, desire, and longing. The lyrics paint a picture of a complex emotional landscape, where the protagonist grapples with their own internal apocalypse. The repeated refrain of "Apocalypse dans ma tête apocalypse" emphasizes the chaotic and tumultuous nature of the protagonist's thoughts and feelings.

In the first verse, the lyrics "J'ai les lèvres d'Apoca" (I have the lips of Apoca) and "Sur ma dick pas d'pote-ca" (On my dick, no buddy) suggest a sense of isolation and self-reliance in the face of personal struggles. The lines "T'es pas là triste est ma putain d'vie" (You're not here, sad is my damn life) and "Et toi ta liste dit qu'mon cœur est pris" (And your list says my heart is taken) hint at a sense of longing and heartache, possibly stemming from unrequited love or a sense of unfulfilled desire.

The second verse continues to explore themes of desire and connection, with lines like "Sans tes lèvres bonheur s'efface" (Without your lips, happiness fades) and "Grâce à toi je suis sensas" (Thanks to you, I feel sensational) highlighting the importance of intimacy and emotional connection in the protagonist's life. The repeated references to "Apoca" throughout the song serve as a metaphor for the protagonist's inner turmoil and emotional apocalypse.

Overall, "Apoca" by TVNESHI featuring P!nk is a song that captures the complexities of human emotions, from longing and desire to isolation and inner turmoil. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a protagonist navigating their own personal apocalypse, seeking connection and solace in the midst of emotional chaos.

Funny song meaning for Apoca by TVNESHI

Oh, so we're diving into the deep, intellectual waters of P!nk's ''Apoca'' by TVNESHI, are we? Let me break it down for you, darling. Seems like P!nk is having a wild time dealing with her inner turmoil, likening it to a full-blown apocalypse in her head. She's all like, ''My lips are like the end of the world, my dudes! No friends allowed near my private regions, only my fingers can clean up this mess.'' And apparently, if you're not around, life is as sad as a poor Kenny hanging out in the corner. But fear not, P!nk finds solace in the power of lips and fesses, giving her life some much-needed 'sensas'. It's a poetic journey through the chaos of relationships and the importance of kisses and...tiny Jah dolls? Hey, whatever floats your boat during the apocalypse, right? Just remember, always keep your lips ready for the end of the world, folks. Who knew the end times could be so romantic? 🌪️💋

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