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A New Machine Part 2 By Pink Floyd

Song meaning of A New Machine (Part 2) by Pink Floyd

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Song meaning for A New Machine (Part 2) by Pink Floyd

"A New Machine (Part 2)" is a short and introspective song by Pink Floyd that reflects on the fleeting nature of life. The lyrics suggest that although our time on earth is limited, our consciousness will always remain, observing the world from behind our eyes. The repetition of the phrase "It's only a lifetime" emphasizes the brevity of our existence and encourages listeners to cherish every moment. The song's minimalist instrumentation and haunting vocals create a sense of introspection and contemplation, making it a poignant addition to Pink Floyd's discography.

Funny song meaning for A New Machine (Part 2) by Pink Floyd

Oh boy, Pink Floyd really outdid themselves with this deep and profound number. Let me break it down for you, in my own funny way. So basically, the lead singer is proclaiming that he will always be here, looking out from behind these eyes - well of course, where else would he look from, his ears? And apparently, it's only a lifetime, which totally makes sense since we only get one shot at life, unless you believe in reincarnation or being a zombie or something. So there you have it folks, the meaning of life and the universe explained in just a few lines. Thanks Pink Floyd, you never fail to amaze us with your philosophical outlook on life.

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