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Song meaning of All Of These by Playboi Carti

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Song meaning for All Of These by Playboi Carti

In the song "All Of These" by Playboi Carti, the lyrics depict a lifestyle of excess, indulgence, and bravado commonly associated with the hip-hop genre. The opening lines, "I got a .5 in my holster, ayy / Shawty gon' hold that shit, Rollie," suggest a sense of power and control, with references to carrying a weapon and a luxury watch. The repeated mention of "3500 for these" and "Blowing that check like I do" alludes to Carti's extravagant spending habits and carefree attitude towards money.

As the verse progresses, Carti boasts about his success and influence, comparing himself to the rapper A$AP Ferg and emphasizing his ability to attract women. Lines like "All of these bitches they fuckin', they fuckin', they cummin' right now" and "She gon' get all on the clit / She gon' do her lil' splits" highlight the hedonistic nature of his lifestyle and his casual relationships with women.

The lyrics also touch on themes of drug use and dealing, with references to selling drugs and smoking marijuana. Lines such as "I smoke that motherfuckin' dope, yeah / You smoke that motherfuckin' mid, yeah" and "We gon' take all of the dope, yeah / We gon' take all of the splits" suggest a disregard for consequences and a focus on immediate gratification.

Overall, "All Of These" by Playboi Carti paints a picture of a flashy and carefree existence, characterized by materialism, hedonism, and a sense of invincibility. The song's repetitive and energetic delivery, combined with its bold and provocative lyrics, capture the essence of modern hip-hop culture and Carti's persona as a larger-than-life figure in the music industry.

Funny song meaning for All Of These by Playboi Carti

Oh, Playboi Carti, the lyrical genius strikes again with "All Of These." In this compelling piece of modern poetry, Carti elegantly reflects on the existential crisis of finding oneself while simultaneously boasting about holding a tiny gun in his holster. Ah, the duality of man. Shawty, bless her soul, apparently has the immense responsibility of not only holding Carti's precious Rollie but also enduring his questionable financial decisions, as he blows money faster than a hurricane blows down a flimsy house made of cards. And let's not forget the profound metaphorical imagery – "I feel like Ferg, all on my fur." A touching homage to A$AP Ferg or an ode to his favorite childhood stuffed animal, we may never know. And the piece de resistance, the grand finale where Carti contemplates the meaning of life by comparing himself to Ferg again, because when in doubt, just mention Ferg. One can't help but be moved by the sheer raw emotion Carti expresses when he discusses selling hoes and dope with the same passion most reserve for declaring love. In conclusion, "All Of These" is a lyrical masterpiece that transcends time and space, leaving us mere mortals to ponder the eternal question – what is he even saying?

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