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Song meaning of All The Funds* by Playboi Carti

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Song meaning for All The Funds* by Playboi Carti

In Playboi Carti's song "All The Funds," the artist delves into themes of materialism, relationships, and power dynamics. The lyrics paint a picture of a lifestyle centered around wealth and indulgence, with a focus on using any means necessary to acquire money. The chorus, "We usin' these guns to get all the funds," suggests a willingness to resort to violence in order to secure financial gain.

The repetition of the line "I fucked that bitch 'cause she a cunt" in the chorus reflects a sense of objectification and detachment in relationships, where women are reduced to mere objects of desire. The lyrics also touch on the idea of transactional relationships, as seen in the lines "I bought her a ass, I bought her some buns," which could be interpreted as the speaker using money to manipulate and control others.

The mention of walking to the bank instead of running could symbolize a sense of confidence and nonchalance in the face of wealth and success. Overall, "All The Funds" presents a gritty and unapologetic portrayal of a lifestyle driven by materialism and a relentless pursuit of money, with a disregard for traditional values or ethics.

Funny song meaning for All The Funds* by Playboi Carti

Ah, Playboi Carti, the highbrow poet of our generation, really outdid himself with this masterwork, "All The Funds." In this intricate lyrical composition, Carti elegantly explores the delicate nuances of modern romance and financial empowerment, as one does. The deeply profound chorus, where Carti repeats "I fucked that bitch 'cause she a cunt" with the subtle backing of "Racks, racks, racks," is a poignant commentary on the complexities of human relationships and the power dynamics within. The verse where he proclaims, "I bought her a ass, I bought her some buns," showcases his generous nature, as he selflessly bestows upon his lady love the gift of enhanced posterior features and bakery delights. And of course, let's not forget the profound conclusion of the song, where Carti declares his unyielding dedication to financial literacy by walking, not running, to the bank. In this modern age of hustle and bustle, such wisdom is truly a beacon of light in a world shrouded in darkness. Truly, a masterpiece that will be studied for generations to come. Bravo, Playboi Carti, bravo.

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