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Back On Dat Act By Young Sizzle Ft Playboi Carti

Song meaning of Back on Dat Act' by Young Sizzle (Ft. Playboi Carti)

Playboi Carti


Song meaning for Back on Dat Act' by Young Sizzle (Ft. Playboi Carti)

"Back on Dat Act" by Young Sizzle featuring Playboi Carti is a trap song that exudes a sense of confidence and swagger. The repeated chorus of "Back on that Act" serves as a declaration of returning to a certain lifestyle or mindset, possibly referring to getting back into the groove of partying and indulging in substances. The use of the term "Act" likely alludes to Actavis, a brand of promethazine-codeine cough syrup commonly used in the hip-hop scene to create a sedative and euphoric effect when mixed with soda, also known as "lean" or "purple drank."

In the verses, Playboi Carti and Southside boast about their lavish lifestyles, with references to expensive designer brands like Off-White and Fendi, as well as flaunting their wealth with lines like "I'm stacking blue dollars in this hand." The lyrics also touch on themes of hedonism and promiscuity, with lines such as "I'm fucking that bitch and her friend" and "Riding 'round town and I'ma fuck on sluts."

The song also delves into the darker side of substance abuse and its consequences, with mentions of muddied Sprite (a common mixer for lean) and Percocet, highlighting the destructive cycle of drug use. Despite the hedonistic and materialistic themes present in the song, there is an underlying sense of recklessness and disregard for consequences, as seen in lines like "Riding 'round town, know I don't give no fucks" and "Fuck a lot ho, yeah, yeah, I tuck."

Overall, "Back on Dat Act" is a high-energy trap anthem that captures the essence of the modern rap scene, with its braggadocious lyrics, trap-influenced beats, and references to a lifestyle of excess and indulgence.

Funny song meaning for Back on Dat Act' by Young Sizzle (Ft. Playboi Carti)

Ah, "Back on Dat Act'" by Playboi Carti, a lyrical masterpiece that delves deep into the complexities of... well, dropping on a ho and getting back on that act, I guess. Playboi Carti and his crew are really out here living their best lives, sipping on muddy Sprite, rocking Fendi, and stacking blue dollars. It's like a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy, but instead of tragic deaths, we have percocet references and big-ass blunts being smoked left and right. And let's not forget the poetic genius of lines like "On X, hammered up, I married the paper then doubled up" - truly, a love story for the ages. So, the next time you're feeling down and need some inspiration, just remember to drop on a ho like Carti and get back on that act, because that's what true artistry is all about, baby. Peace out, and stay slatt!

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