100 Visages Enna Dans Les Bacs By Leto Ft Plk

Song meaning of 100 Visages & Enna dans les bacs by Leto (Ft. PLK)



Song meaning for 100 Visages & Enna dans les bacs by Leto (Ft. PLK)

"100 Visages & Enna dans les bacs" by Leto featuring PLK delves into the gritty realities of street life, showcasing the struggles and complexities of growing up in tough urban environments. The song opens with a reference to Junior on production, setting the tone for a raw and unapologetic narrative. Leto and PLK take turns painting vivid pictures of their experiences, using vivid imagery and wordplay to convey their emotions.

In the first verse, Leto and PLK touch upon themes of violence, poverty, and survival. Leto describes the harshness of the streets, referencing activities like drug dealing and run-ins with the law. Lines like "C'est les perquis' à 6 heures du matin" (It's the searches at 6 in the morning) and "J'viens du ghetto, et nos [gatous ?], si ça peut tuer" (I come from the ghetto, and our [gatous ?], if it can kill) highlight the constant danger and struggle for survival in their environment. The mention of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B in relation to their girlfriends adds a layer of aspiration and admiration for success in the face of adversity.

PLK's verse continues the narrative, touching on themes of loyalty, growth, and ambition. He references facing challenges and staying true to himself despite external pressures. Lines like "J'ai grandi, j'évolue comme un Pokémon" (I grew up, I evolve like a Pokémon) and "Déterminé d'puis tit-pe, j'voulais m'évader d'la primaire" (Determined since I was little, I wanted to escape from primary school) showcase his resilience and determination to rise above his circumstances. The repeated refrain of "100 visages, 100 visages" emphasizes the multifaceted nature of their identities and experiences.

Overall, "100 Visages & Enna dans les bacs" is a powerful reflection on the struggles and triumphs of life in the streets, with Leto and PLK offering a glimpse into their world through poignant lyrics and evocative storytelling. The song serves as a testament to resilience, loyalty, and the pursuit of success against all odds.

Funny song meaning for 100 Visages & Enna dans les bacs by Leto (Ft. PLK)

Ah, the classic tale of "100 Visages & Enna dans les bacs" by Leto and PLK, a riveting story of street life, double bangs, and misère traînant dans la maison. Let's delve into the deep lyrical abyss of this masterpiece, shall we? It's like a Shakespearean tragedy set in the hood, where Leto and PLK paint a vivid picture of their struggles with a touch of Pokemon evolution thrown in for good measure. From parcourir le terrain d'zipette to dealing with faux nibards et des yeux d'poisson, these two maestros of the mic take us on a wild ride through the mean streets of Babylone. And let's not forget the iconic comparison to Nicki Minaj and Cardi B – move over, Shakespeare, there's a new Bard in town! So, grab your cagoule, brace yourself for the perquis' at 6 am, and let the misère flow through your veins as you bask in the glory of 100 Visages & Enna dans les bacs. Des euros, des euros, mon cher!

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