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Song meaning for Celsius by PNL

"Celsius" by PNL is a poignant and introspective song that delves into themes of struggle, solitude, and self-reflection. The lyrics, delivered by N.O.S and Ademo, paint a vivid picture of their inner turmoil and complex emotions. In the first verse, N.O.S expresses a sense of pain and isolation, juxtaposed with a desire to do good despite facing challenges. He reflects on the value of life and the emptiness he feels, symbolized by the charcoal he keeps as a reminder of what could have been. The lines "La vie n'a pas d'prix à part c'qu'elle m'a appris, J'ressens l'vide mais j'sais pas c'qu'elle m'a pris" encapsulate this sentiment of grappling with the intangible losses and lessons life brings.

Ademo's verse further explores feelings of alienation and inner conflict. He likens himself to Anakin from Star Wars, highlighting a sense of darkness and struggle within. The imagery of speaking politely to his inner demons and selling off parts of himself metaphorically conveys a sense of detachment and self-preservation in the face of emotional turmoil. The references to riding in the zone and soaring above the city with gray clouds hint at a sense of detachment from reality and a yearning for escape.

The chorus, sung by Ademo, adds a layer of complexity to the song's message. Despite the hardships and contradictions expressed in the verses, there is a sense of acceptance and even defiance in the declaration "J'trouve la vie N'da, j'vous sors le zetla." This phrase, along with the repetition of "J'suis ravi d'être là, pourtant, j'vous aime pas," suggests a bittersweet acknowledgment of life's challenges and a refusal to be defeated by them.

Overall, "Celsius" by PNL is a deeply introspective and emotionally charged song that explores the complexities of human experience, from pain and isolation to resilience and self-acceptance. The lyrics, paired with the atmospheric production, create a haunting and thought-provoking listening experience that resonates with the listener long after the song ends.

Funny song meaning for Celsius by PNL

Oh, honey, let's break down this lyrical masterpiece known as "Celsius" by the oh-so-edgy duo PNL. We've got N.O.S spitting bars like he's the king of French rap, claiming he's taking the rap game and doing some kinky stuff to it with a partner, like it's a weird musical dominatrix scenario. Then he goes on about his loneliness, turning his back on the universe, and feeling all deep and introspective. Like, calm down, N.O.S, we get it, life is tough and you're too cool for Lucifer’s shenanigans. And don't even get me started on Ademo, comparing himself to Anakin Skywalker, talking about selling centimeters like it's a discount at a cheap market, and riding in the zone like he's some weed-fueled cowboy. The whole thing is a mix of emo poetry and wannabe gangsta vibes, but hey, who am I to judge? If this is how they say "hello" in the banlieues, then I guess I'll stick to my boring salutations.

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