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Song meaning for Cœurs by PNL

The song "Cœurs" by PNL delves into the complexities of life, ambition, and the struggles faced by the artists. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the emotional turmoil and introspection experienced by the duo, N.O.S and Ademo. The opening lines set the tone for the song, with N.O.S expressing a sense of disillusionment with humanity before finding solace in a transformative encounter: "L'être humain a failli m'dégoûter / Puis je l'ai rencontré" (The human being almost disgusted me / Then I met him).

Throughout the song, there is a recurring theme of longing for a simpler life and a yearning for familial connection. N.O.S reflects on his roots and the challenges he has overcome, expressing a desire to distance himself from negative influences: "Moi, j'veux plus les voir, car d'puis qu'j'suis plus dans l'noir / Igo, je vois" (I don't want to see them anymore, because since I'm not in the dark anymore / Igo, I see). This sentiment is further emphasized in the chorus, where N.O.S laments the absence of his past life and the haunting emptiness he feels: "Ma vie m'manque / Et l'vide me hante" (I miss my life / And the emptiness haunts me).

Ademo's verse adds another layer to the song, as he grapples with personal demons and the weight of his ambitions. He acknowledges his struggles and the sacrifices made for his loved ones: "J'porte ambition herculéenne / J'retrace ma vie en Dieu" (I carry Herculean ambition / I trace my life in God). The juxtaposition of vulnerability and resilience in his lyrics highlights the internal battles faced by the artists as they navigate fame and success.

In the outro, N.O.S seeks forgiveness, perhaps alluding to the complexities and moral dilemmas that come with their chosen path: "Pardonne-moi, pardonne-moi, c'est sale" (Forgive me, forgive me, it's dirty). Overall, "Cœurs" by PNL is a poignant reflection on the struggles, aspirations, and emotional depths experienced by the artists, offering a glimpse into their inner world and the complexities of their journey.

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Ah, "Cœurs" by PNL, the ultimate anthem for people who love to bend time, miss their own lives, and apparently hang things up. N.O.S and Ademo really outdid themselves with these lyrics that will have you questioning whether you're listening to a rap song or attending a deep philosophical seminar at 3 am. From expressing their desire to be the prince of the city (move over, Prince Harry) to reminiscing about being treated like a stray dog in the streets (woof woof, Ademo), these guys take us on an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with sentiments about ambition, demons giving out charity, and the ever-relatable struggle of feeling gassy in the presence of MC purists. And let's not forget the profound outro where N.O.S begs for forgiveness because things got dirty – perhaps they were attempting to do laundry but ended up baring their poetic souls instead. So, next time you're feeling nostalgic about your past life as a street poet with familial responsibilities, blast "Cœurs" and let PNL serenade you into a state of existential crisis.

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